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June Summary and July Reading Plans

I completed 10 books in June, 2 short stories and I made it a little further through my ongoing projects, 2666 and The Tale of Genji. My favourite books this month were Out and The Ghosts of Eden. I highly recommend them to you. I’m sure they will both be in my top 10 for […]

2666 – Roberto Bolaño. Part 2: The Part About Amalfitano

Steph and Claire are hosting a read-along for the highly acclaimed book, 2666, by Chilean author Roberto Bolaño. The novel is 900 pages long, and divided into 5 parts. We are reading one part a month, for the next five months. Here are my thoughts on Part 2: The Part About Amalfitano WARNING: SPOILERS As […]

Bleeding Heart Square – Andrew Taylor

Winner of the Cartier Diamond Dagger 2009 I really enjoyed The American Boy, which was a Richard and Judy choice a few years ago, so was interested to see what Andrew Taylor’s latest book would be like. I don’t think Bleeding Heart Square is quite as good as The American Boy, but it gets quite […]

The Tale of Genji: Chapters 10 – 13

Matthew is hosting a read along for The Tale of Genji. This week I have read chapters 10 – 13. I am finally getting used to reading The Tale of Genji. I have established a pattern for reading, which first involves reading a summary of each chapter, so I have a rough idea of what […]

Can you guess the classic from it’s cover?

The pictures below are all covers of classics that we know and love, but can you guess which is which? You should know all of the books, but the covers get more obscure as you go down the list. I’ll give you the answers next Friday, and a few clues along the way if no-one can […]

The Children’s Book – A. S. Byatt

I had a love-hate relationship with this book and have to admit that there were several points, especially in the middle, where I nearly gave up on it. The Children’s Book is set in England in the last few years of the 19th Century and ends in during the first world war. The book follows a vast […]