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Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave

 Source: Free review copy received from publisher Five words from the blurb: WWII, London, teacher, love, triumphs I loved Chris Cleave’s debut novel, The Other Hand, but his subsequent books haven’t been in the same league. With Everyone Brave Is Forgiven he has returned to form. The fact this is based on the experiences of his relatives […]

The Villa Rouge by Maggie Ross

 Source: Free review copy received from publisher Five words from the blurb: WWII, family, secret, consequences, life I hadn’t heard of Maggie Ross until this book popped through my letterbox, but the PR blurb highlighted the fact that she won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize back in 1969 and so I was intrigued. The Villa […]

Familiar Wars by Julietta Harvey

 Source: Free review copy received from publisher Five words from the blurb: Greek, boy, massacre, uprooted, family Familiar Wars was originally published in 1987, but was re-released last week to coincide with the publication of the sequel, One Third of Paradise. I hadn’t heard of Julietta Harvey until review copies of these books fell through my […]

Brilliance by Anthony McCarten

 Source: Personal copy Five words from the blurb: invention, light bulb, Edison, electric chair, immorality I’m drawn towards books with shiny gold covers so Brilliance stood out when I was browsing a local charity shop. I’d heard nothing about it, but the simple blurb persuaded me to give it a try: A novel about the brightest […]

Wake by Anna Hope

Five words from the blurb: unknown, soldier, buried, women, change Wake is set over the five-day period in 1920 in which the body an ‘unknown soldier’ was removed from a French WWI battlefield, transported to England, and then buried in Westminster Abbey. The book shows how important this remembrance service was to the British people, […]

Darkling by Laura Beatty

Five words from the blurb:  woman, adrift, history, Puritan, echoing Darkling is part historical fiction, part reflection of modern-day living. The book begins with Mia, a woman who feels lost in the world, viewing a derelict castle in Shropshire. She is researching Lady Brilliana Harley, a woman who defended her home from Royalist troops during […]