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Harmony by Carolyn Parkhurst

 Source: Free review copy received from publisher Five words from the blurb: family, camp, behaviour, menacing, changes The Nobodies Album was my favourite read of 2010, so I jumped at the chance to receive a proof copy of her new novel from the publishers. The fact Harmony deals with the issues faced by families living with autism only […]

I’ve moved to Worcestershire!

Sorry it’s been quiet on the blog for a while – I’ve been busy moving to Worcestershire. I’ve now got Internet (after a few strangely peaceful weeks without it) and have settled the children into their new schools. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into reading and have a few reviews here soon.  

March/April Summary and Plans for May

I got my reading mojo back recently and have read a lot in the last few weeks. This is mainly because we still haven’t sold our house, so we’re in a boring limbo which involves lots of cleaning and sitting around whilst people wander around our house. Hopefully someone will buy it soon so that […]

Books in Brief: Black Milk, The Best Thing That Can Happen to a Croissant and Stork Mountain

 Source: Personal Copy Translated from the Spanish by Kristina Cordero The Best Thing That Can Happen to a Croissant by Pablo Tusset Five words from the blurb: obscenely, family, disappears, business, adventure I bought this book because I was intrigued by the title. It was a fast paced, mildly amusing, thriller, but unfortunately it has […]

September/October Summary and Plans for November

The summer was so busy that I didn’t read much, but things have been a lot quieter since my boys returned to school. This means I’m back to my usual level of reading and am getting through the stacks again. I’ve read a nice selection of books, but my favourite read, by a long margin, […]

Books in Brief: The Seed Collectors, Fates and Furies and Soil

 Source: Free review copy received from publisher The Seed Collectors by Scarlett Thomas Five words from the blurb: woman, love, struggles, seeds, parents I’ve enjoyed many of Scarlett Thomas’ previous books (especially The End Of Mr. Y) so was looking forward to reading this one. Unfortunately it was a departure from her usual style and I didn’t […]