The maintenance preventive power is an important part of managing a complex. The aim of the successful of this nature is to maintain the consistent practices designed to improve the performance & safety of equipment on the property.


More importantly, a planned preventive electrical maintenance with guide of phs compliance will help extend the life of the equipment and avoid any unforeseen maintenance activities. A successful program depends on the cooperation of all parties involved. Engineers must rely on the knowledge, ideas, and contributions of all staff. To comprehensiveTest Equipment Solutionsthat help you design, install, maintain, and improve system performance  visit TRS once.


Unfortunately, implementing preventive electrical maintenance can be time consuming and expensive. This creates a debate about whether a program like this is worth having, will all the hours and resources spent be less compared to an emergency repair? The experience of thousands of companies dictates that it is worth it.


Here are some of the benefits of properly operated preventive electrical maintenance:


The time that equipment is out of service is decreased, as are major repairs

There’s nothing more money-wasting than being out of commission. Routine repairs will avoid this, in addition to having to move personnel and resources to perform a more complex repair.

Better preservation of assets and an extension of their useful life, thus eliminating the possibility of premature replacement of equipment or machinery

We are talking about expensive equipment that is not easily available. Ensuring that they will be operating longer is critical to a company’s plans. You have to see it as an investment.


Reduced overtime and more economical use of maintenance employees, given work planning instead of having to work on the go

By having a whole work plan of how and when the repairs will be carried out, the time of the workers will be used to the maximum. Otherwise, they will only be dedicated to attending to emergency matters, when they could be carrying out other tasks.


Precise routine repairs instead of large-scale ones. Major repairs are also inconvenient for everyone who works in the complex, so being able to avoid them will always be a relief to staff.


Improvements in safety and quality conditions for all workers. At the end of the day, preventive electrical maintenance can help save energy and money. Thus, a technician will be able to identify future problems through infrared thermography or other methods. You can also make some recommendations, such as switching to LED bulbs.

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