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The Best Books for…Understanding the Darker Side of Society

Last week I reviewed The People in the Trees by Hanya Yanigahara and realised how much I enjoy reading about the darker side of our society. I love the ability to get inside the head of someone who commits evil acts and for some reason I like it even more if I am able to understand their […]

The Blurb of the Future?

Last week I read an interesting article about the data collected by e-readers. Unknown to most readers these electronic devices collect a vast amount of information about the way we read books. This data could be  analysed and displayed alongside a book to help the reader make purchasing decisions, or used by publishers to create books that are […]

Can you guess the classic from it’s cover? The answers.

Last Saturday I challenged you to guess the classic from the pictures below. All are classics that we know and love, but did you guess which was which? Here are the answers: A – Wuthering Heights   . .   B – The Moonstone . .     .. C – Bleak House . ..   . D  War […]

Can you guess the classic from it’s cover?

The pictures below are all covers of classics that we know and love, but can you guess which is which? You should know all of the books, but the covers get more obscure as you go down the list. I’ll give you the answers next Friday, and a few clues along the way if no-one can […]

Can you judge a book by it’s cover? #3

Star ratings taken from Amazon UK. Which of these Gargoyle books has the highest Amazon star rating? ( surveys)

Can you judge a book by it’s cover? #2

Congratulations if you guessed the correct answer last week! William Horwood is one of my favourite authors. How well do you know his books?