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Why I Don’t Always Want My Favourite Book to Win the Prize

Last night I went to the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize Award ceremony. It was a lovely evening, especially because everyone […]

Blogging Break

I’m afraid I’m going to have to take a break from blogging. I’ve recently discovered that I have a heart […]

How to Hook a New Reader?

My sister and I are very different. She is only two years younger than me, but our personalities couldn’t be […]

Why I’m no longer a second-hand bookseller

The way it began Seven years ago, whilst stuck at home on maternity leave, I began selling my old chemistry […]

Why I no longer trust kindle ebook samples

In the last few years ebooks have taken off, rising 366% in the UK last year. One of the benefits of […]

The Blurb of the Future?

Last week I read an interesting article about the data collected by e-readers. Unknown to most readers these electronic devices collect […]