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Blogging Break

I’m afraid I’m going to have to take a break from blogging. I’ve recently discovered that I have a heart problem and it is leaving me too tired/confused to read. Hopefully I’ll return at some point in the near future, but until then…


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Really sorry to hear this, Jackie. Hope it is something that can be sorted out or kept in check with medication, and that you get back to your old self as soon as possible. I’ll miss your reviews, but as others say: your health has to come first! Wishing you all the best.

Jackie, what a shock and unexpected post. I hope it is something that can be taken care off. A great big hug from me to you and your family.

Oh no Jackie … take care of yourself. It is very hard to concentrate on reading when you have serious things on your mind – look after yourself. I’m sure you are getting good care and will be back to your reading self soon. We’ll still be here.

Hi Jackie,
Your blog was one of the first blogs that I started reading, I’ve been following you for years and have always looked forward to your thoughtful analyses and reviews. I’ll miss you heaps! So sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell, hope that your health improves quickly and that you’re back soon!

Jackie, I just saw this post and wanted to let you know I’ll be thinking of you and hope that all turns out well.

Sorry to hear you’re not doing well. Feeling so cruddy that you can’t even enjoy reading is a sad state of affairs, indeed. Here’s wishing you a quick and full recovery.

Jackie, I am so sorry to hear that you are not keeping well. I know I have not been commenting much here but I love your blog and I ‘ll miss it. Get well, sending some healing wishes from here. xx

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