Quick Update

Many thanks for all the kind messages you’ve sent over the past few weeks. It means a lot to know that so many people care about me. I’ve now come off the strong medication and am feeling much better. I’m still undergoing tests to establish exactly what is wrong with my heart, but as long as I don’t do anything too strenuous (like climb the stairs!) I’m feeling OK. I’ve been able to read a little bit and managed to read one book in May. That is an all-time low for me, but hopefully things will improve from now on.

I’ll be back soon with a review or two!

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Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better. I had heart problems myself a few years ago and know they can come out of the blue. Fortunately modern treatments are very good.

That you would even think of us at a time like this Jackie…:) How sweet you are.
We’ll be here when you get back! Till then, take care of your heart.

Jackie, I’m so sorry to hear about your health struggles, but happy to hear that you appear to be on the mend and are feeling a little bit stronger and healthier. Hopefully you’ll continue to improve as the weather gets better so you can at least enjoy the English summer. Thank you for the update and I’m sending positive vibes your way!

There is nothing more frustrating than not having answers. I really hope you continue to improve and get some definitive reasons for all of this. I assume your trip to FL is on hold? I’ll say prayers girl. Keep us informed!

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