Have you ever found anything interesting in a book?

I’ve just found £35 inside the dust jacket of a second hand book I bought. They are old notes, not in circulation any more, but hopefully I’ll be able to swap them for useable notes at a bank.

Have you ever found anything interesting inside a book you’ve bought?

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I wouldn’t say that they were “interesting”, but I just found 3 pictures of a dog standing by its crate in a book that I bought from a library book sale.

In all the years I’ve bought used books, and rented library books, the only thing of quality that I’ve found is a wonderful bookmark. What was ironic was that it was four black and white photos of various architectural landmarks in Chicago. I love Chicago (one of my favorite cities), and I love its architecture. I looked up the artist that made the bookmark and ordered a bunch more. She has bookmarks of photos from all over the world.

Wowee! I would love to find something cool in a book. All I ever get are leftover slips from former borrowers about when they were supposed to return the book to the library. Although money would be great, it would be neat to find something that told you a little about the former reader. In your case maybe it says that they had tons of money to randomly stuff in book jackets – or that they were too disorganized to remember to carry their wallet!

Bumbles – I agree money isn’t that interesting, but it is better than old train tickets and the squashed spiders that have been the only other things I have found so far! I agree – I’d love to find old letters or something else that reminds you of the book’s previous owner.

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