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The Finkler Question – Howard Jacobson

 Long listed for 2010 Booker Prize I’m not a fan of books about religion and so wasn’t sure how I’d get on with The Finkler Question. I was right to be concerned as the religious debate took precedence over the plot and I couldn’t bring myself to finish this book. The book started off reasonably […]

Skippy Dies – Paul Murray

 Long listed for 2010 Booker Prize One of the reasons I love reading entire long lists is that I stumble upon fantastic books that I wouldn’t otherwise pick up. I had heard good things about Skippy Dies before the Booker long list was announced, but I couldn’t motivate myself to read 650+ pages about teenagers […]

Who will make the Man Booker Prize Long List 2010?

The long list for the Booker Prize will be revealed on Tuesday 27th July. I’m so excited! I have read a lot of fantastic new fiction this year and so trying to select 13 books for my ‘Booker dozen’ prediction was very hard. In the end I chose:     I think that Mitchell will win […]

The Booker longlist 2009

The standard of writing on the longlist this year was outstanding. I was very impressed with the books chosen, and although I enjoyed some more than others, I felt that every single one deserved it’s place on the list. Unlike in previous years, when I have occasionally wondered what on Earth those Booker judges were doing, this year I […]

The Glass Room – Simon Mawer

 Long listed for the Booker Prize 2009 The Booker long list has rewarded me with another great book that I would never normally have picked up. The Glass Room has an unusual concept, in that the book is based upon a building rather than a person. Built on a hillside from glass and steel in the […]

Not Untrue and Not Unkind – Ed O’Loughlin

 Long listed for the Booker Prize 2009 Not Untrue and Not Unkind follows a group of foreign correspondents covering breaking news stories in Africa. Their work is dangerous, but brings a camaraderie not normally seen between people with such different personalities. This is a very good book and I can see why it made it […]