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DNAFit Results Review

Last year I took a genetic test through 23 and Me and was impressed by the results. I was recently approached by DNA Fit who offered to process my 23 and Me DNA results and send me their fitness and diet reports (normally £79 each) in exchange for a blog review. I’m interested in the way our […]

Earthflight by John Downer

Earthflight is a stunning picture book created to accompany the recent BBC series. Using groundbreaking technology the programme makers managed to follow birds into the air and see the world through their eyes. The book covers a wide range of birds from around the globe, capturing each in action in their natural surroundings. The majority […]

Frozen Planet – A World Beyond Imagination

This beautiful book is the perfect accompaniment to the BBC Frozen Planet series. There are stunning photographs throughout and all the memorable moments from the series included. The book has a chapter for each of the four seasons, as well as a section on climate change and its impact on the people who live at the […]