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Frozen Planet – A World Beyond Imagination

Frozen Planet

This beautiful book is the perfect accompaniment to the BBC Frozen Planet series. There are stunning photographs throughout and all the memorable moments from the series included.

The book has a chapter for each of the four seasons, as well as a section on climate change and its impact on the people who live at the poles.

Each page contains beautiful photographs, some of which must have taken months of planning to obtain.


The text clearly and concisely explains each photograph, but I can’t imagine anyone buying this book for the words. It is the images that grab the attention. I stared at them for a long time and many were so impressive that I had to show them to friends and family.

As well as full page photographs the book also contains many pages with a sequence of smaller shots to show the action captured by the filmmakers.

My favourite section of David Attenborough’s recent series has been the “making of” section and I’m pleased to see that the book also explains how filming occurred and the difficulties faced by the team battling against freezing temperatures to capture these images.

My only criticism is that this book only contains a short foreword written by David Attenborough. I’d have preferred to see him having a greater involvement in the book, perhaps giving his opinion on other sections, but this is a minor quibble in an otherwise stunning book.

Frozen Planet – A World Beyond Imagination is the perfect coffee table accessory for fans of the Frozen Planet series.

This book was given to me by the BBC shop in exchange for an honest review.


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