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DNAFit Results Review

dnafitLast year I took a genetic test through 23 and Me and was impressed by the results. I was recently approached by DNA Fit who offered to process my 23 and Me DNA results and send me their fitness and diet reports (normally £79 each) in exchange for a blog review. I’m interested in the way our genetic make-up affects the way our bodies interact with food/exercise, so I agreed.

DNA Fit Premium (£79)

DNA Fit Premium gives five results:

  • Power and Endurance Potential
  • Post-Exercise Recovery Speed
  • Injury Risk Profile
  • Recovery Nutrition Needs
  • Aerobic (VO2 Max)

I suspect that those who train in a gym will have more interest in the results than I did. I am reasonably active, but I prefer to walk my dog or go for a bike ride with my children than do any more serious training. It was mildly interesting to know that I should do an equal mix of power and endurance training and reassuring to discover that I have a low risk of injury and a fast recovery time after exercise, but overall I was a little disappointed in the amount of data given. I think £79 is far too much to charge for this information. I’d be happy to recommend it if it cost less than £10.

Potential DNA Diet Premium (£79)

The diet package was more interesting to me. It contained much more information for the same price:

  • Your Ideal Diet
  • Carbohydrate & Saturated Fat Sensitivity
  • Lactose & Gluten Intolerance Risk
  • Suggested Shopping List & 12-week Eating Plan
  • Your Detox Ability
  • Your Anti-Oxidant Needs & Micronutrient Intake
  • Caffeine Sensitivity

The only problem was that most of the information followed advice I was already aware of. It told me to limit my caffeine, salt and sugar intake and increase my omega-3 consumption – something we all know is important.

The 12-week eating plan contained some good recipes. I’m not interested in following the diet, as I prefer to be spontaneous with my cooking, but I will try some of the recipes – the grilled vegetables stuffed with pistachio nuts looked especially nice.

Overall I found the information far less interesting than my original 23 and Me results as most of the advice is common sense. I’d have been prepared to pay about £25 for both sets of results, but at their current price they are far too expensive.

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