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The Stand by Stephen King

Five words from the blurb: plague, death, dreams, Apocalypse, grows I had never read any Stephen King (I was too scared), but then Sandy persuaded me that I’d be OK with this one, despite the apocalyptic premise. She was right, but I’m afraid I read this about 15 years too late. I think I’d have […]

Alive by Piers Paul Read

Five words from the blurb: plane, crash, survivors, unthinkable, truth After giving myself permission to read a book which mentioned a plane crash I decided that I might as well go the whole hog and read Alive, a book which gives a detailed account of one. In 1972 a Uraguayan plane crashed into a remote […]

The Shining Levels by John Wyatt

Five words from the blurb: Lake District, forest, joys, deer, friendship The Shining Levels is a beautiful book about the joys of the English countryside. It is an autobiographical account of John Wyatt’s move to a small stone hut in the Lake District, where he lives without many home comforts. He often takes things further by […]

Watership Down by Richard Adams

Five words from the blurb: rabbits, leave, warren, journey, danger I wanted to read Watership Down as a teenager, but several friends warned me about how sad it was and so I avoided it. Even as an adult I’d been scared to read it or watch the film. Recently I realised how ridiculous this aversion […]

The Mountain People – Colin Turnbull

   …..our much-vaunted human values are not inherent in humanity at all, but a luxury of ordered society. . . Five words from the blurb: tribe, starvation, cruelty, individual, society  In 1964 anthropologist Colin Turnbull spent two years living with the Ik, a tribe living in the mountainous borders of Uganda and Kenya. Crops had […]

The Elected Member – Bernice Rubens

‘The Elected Member’ won the Booker prize in 1971. It is the story of one man’s battle with drugs, and how his family cope with having a drug addict as part of the family. Norman is a bright, young Jewish boy living in a tight knit family in London’s East end. He has a promising […]