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Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick

 Winner of 2010 BBC Samuel Johnson Prize for Nonfiction Five words from the blurb: North Korea, repressive, secretive, survival, stories Nothing to Envy is a frightening insight into the lives of ordinary people in North Korea. By interviewing those who managed to escape the oppressive regime Barbara Demick has created a comprehensive picture of what life […]

My UFO is an Optical Illusion!

Yesterday I posted photographs of a strange object in the sky. Through the magic of Twitter I connected with aviation enthusiast @shorsley who explained that the object was a 4 engined aircraft leaving a vapour trail. An optical illusion made it look as though it was travelling straight down when it was in fact flying […]

What is this?

This has nothing to do with books, but I spotted something very strange in the sky this morning and hoped someone would be able to identify it for me. I let my dog out into the garden at about 6.30am and noticed something falling from the sky. It appeared to be on fire. Is it […]

Links I Like

Little, Brown To Publish J.K. Rowling’s First Novel For Adults and speculation suggests that it is a crime novel. The shortlist for the oddest book title of the year has been revealed. Collins and Livemocha find the UK’s Most Multilingual Student. Dear Photograph – A website with photographs and emotional captions. Book Lamp use their data to […]

A Novel Bookstore by Laurence Cossé

 Translated from the French by Alison Anderson Five words from the blurb: place, books, envy, secret, literary A Novel Bookstore revolves around a secret committee, established to select the finest books for a new shop. This book shop will not sell new releases, but will only stock books specifically selected by the committee because of their importance […]

The Death of Grass by John Christopher

Five words from the blurb: virus, deadly, grass, starvation, humanity The Death of Grass was first published in 1956,  just five years after Day of the Triffids. Both books share similar post apocalyptic themes, but for some strange reason The Death of Grass has faded into obscurity, continually overshadowed by those carnivorous triffids. I think this […]