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Absolution by Patrick Flanery

Five words from the blurb: South Africa, past, family, crimes, truth Absolution is set in post-apartheid South Africa and looks at truth, censorship and whether or not it is possible to forgive past mistakes. The book concentrates on Clare Wald, a South African novelist, who has decided to commission a biography of her life. She […]

In a Strange Room – Damon Galgut

  Long listed for 2010 Booker Prize In a Strange Room is made up of three short stories, each describing a journey taken by a South African man called Damon. There is so little plot that it is almost impossible to write a review without letting you know exactly what happens and so I won’t […]

July’s People – Nadine Gordimer

 Nadine Gordimer won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1991 July’s People was our latest book group choice. Unfortunately I was unable to make the discussion, which is a shame as I think this is a book which benefits from being discussed. July’s People is set in South Africa. The book follows the Smales, a white couple […]

Disgrace – J.M. Coetzee

 Winner of the 1999 Booker Prize I had always assumed that Coetzee wrote complex books, which were difficult to read. This idea was confirmed when I attempted to read Summertime last year. I am trying to read all the Booker winners and so decided to get through Disgrace before it intimidated me any more. I was […]

Bitter Fruit – Achmat Dangor

‘Bitter Fruit’ is set in post-apartheid South Africa, and explores the harsh realities of a mixed race family living in this transitional period. The central character is Mikey, and the book follows him as he discovers that his mother was raped by a white police officer. It started off well, and there were many similarities […]