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Titus Awakes – Maeve Gilmore and Mervyn Peake

Five words from the blurb: Gormenghast, Titus, bravery, free, past Earlier this year the fourth novel in the Gormenghast series, Titus Awakes, was published. The book was discovered in a Maeve Gilmore’s attic nearly 30 years after her death and is Gilmore’s attempt to complete the fragments of a novel that her husband, Mervyn Peake, left behind. Titus […]

Titus Alone – Mervyn Peake

Five words from the blurb: escapes, city, zoo, traitor, home Titus Alone is the third book in the Gormenghast trilogy, but whilst the first two are amongst the best books I’ve ever read, Titus Alone was a big disappointment. Titus leaves the wonderfully atmospheric surroundings of Gormenghast castle and arrives in a modern city. Both the […]

Gormenghast Read-along: Week 9

Titus Alone One – Fifty-Eight (p759 -p854) I was worried about starting Titus Alone as I knew that it meant leaving the wonderful setting of Gormenghast Castle behind. I struggled to see how Peake could match the amazing world he had created in his first two books and unfortunately my fears were justified. The writing was […]

Gormenghast – Mervyn Peake

          SPOILER FREE REVIEW Gormenghast is the sequel to the wonderful Titus Groan and it doesn’t disappoint. The writing is just as vivid and the story is, if anything, even more compelling.  The two books are slightly different in style and it took me a while to adjust to the more intimate feel […]

Gormenghast Read-along: Week 7

Gormenghast Thirty-Eight – Fitfty-Eight (p565 – p659) . . .This week’s Gormenghast discussion is written by Falaise from 2606 Books and Counting. He is a blogger who, given the average life expectancy of a British man, realised that he will probably only manage to read 2606 books in the rest of his life. He is prioritising the […]

Mervyn Peake at the British Library

  . . . The Worlds of Mervyn Peake Exhibition On Monday night I was lucky enough to attend a special evening at the British Library, celebrating the work of Mervyn Peake. The night began with a special private viewing of the library’s new The Worlds of Mervyn Peake Exhibition. The exhibition contained many of Peake’s original manuscripts […]