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Gormenghast Read-along: Week 5

Gormenghast One – Eighteen (p373 – p467) . . This week’s Gormenghast discussion is written by Birdie, a blogger who […]

Titus Groan – Mervyn Peake

You have seen nothing like it before … but after … you see things like it everywhere …. C.S. Lewis […]

Gormenghast Read-along: Week 3

Titus Groan The Grotto – The Bloody Cheekbone (p194 – p277)     Steerpike’s evil plan actually worked! I thought […]

Gormenghast Read-along: Week Two

Titus Groan Dust and Ivy – Preparations for Arson (p101 – p194)   This week’s Gormenghast discussion is written by […]

Gormenghast Read-along: Week One

Titus Groan The Hall of the Bright Carvings – Near and Far (p1 – p100)  . . Welcome to the […]

Gormenghast Read-along Schedule

Wednesday is Gormenghast Day! For the next few months this blog will celebrate Gormenghast every Wednesday. The schedule for the read-along […]