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Cooked by Michael Pollan

Five words from the blurb: food, society, changing, basics, knowledge It isn’t often that a book comes along and changes the course of your life, but that is exactly what happened when I read Cooked. Michael Pollen is a journalist with a keen interest in food, especially our relationship with it. Cooked documents Pollan’s journey around […]

Soufflé by Asli Perker

 Translated from the Turkish Five words from the blurb: cook, family, freedom, loss, people Soufflé is a multi-generational story, packed with a passion for cookery. Set in New York, Paris and Istanbul, the novel looks at family relationships and shows how cookery can help to heal emotional wounds. The book has three main protagonists: Lilia, who […]

BBC Good Food Cookery Book Set

I love cooking so was very happy to receive unsolicited review copies of the new BBC Good Food cook books. Unfortunately they aren’t as good as the wonderful BBC Good Food website, but if you have limited access to the Internet they’re worth the investment. There are 10 books in the series, with titles ranging […]

The Cook by Wayne Macauley

Five words from the blurb: young offender, rehabilitation, course, cook, succeed I love cooking and watching reality television programs in which celebrities train the unemployed to do a useful skill (eg Jamie’s Fifteen, Gordon’s Bad Boys and Mary Portas’ Bottom Line); so I was instantly drawn towards The Cook, a novel that follows one young offender who has been given […]

The Ten Most Useful Cookbooks – Ever!!!

I love cooking, and have several hundred cookbooks. Some of them are really interesting, and are great to read and inspire me, others are perfect for when I want to create something special for a dinner party, but I thought I’d focus on the most useful ones – the ones that come out again and […]