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Do bad books exist?

If you had asked me that question a few years ago then I would have immediately reeled off a list […]

Can I Review Chocolate?

The title of this post may sound as though it has nothing to do with books, but bear with me, […]

Blog Improvement Project: Create a Blogging To-Do List

The first task for the Blog Improvement Project is to create a list of things on your blog that you’d like to […]

The Blog Improvement Project is back in 2010!

I am pleased to announce that the Blog Improvement Project is going to continue this year! In 2009 Kim from Sophisticated Dorkiness did […]


Congratulations to Beth who left my 10,000th comment! A £20 Amazon voucher will be in your inbox soon. A few people […]

10,000th Comment Celebration!

I am really happy to see that I have nearly 10,000 comments on my blog. Reading all your comments is […]