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The Blog Improvement Project is back in 2010!

I am pleased to announce that the Blog Improvement Project is going to continue this year!

In 2009 Kim from Sophisticated Dorkiness did a fantastic job of creating exciting projects that helped me and many others to improve their blogs.

This year I am joining Kim in hosting the project. We hope to introduce many new ideas and take a further look at some of the popular topics from last year.

We’ve created a dedicated blog for the project —  Please head over there for more information and to sign up if you’re interested.

The first task will be posted on Monday 1st February.

Are you interested in improving your blog?

Which topics would you find particularly useful?

18 replies on “The Blog Improvement Project is back in 2010!”

Wow, thats great news. I joined bip last year and enjoyed it a lot. A third into the year I had to quit all blogging because I was finishing my thesis, and then I just did the bip-assignments sporadically. But I will join again and think it is exciting news.

I am always interested in improving my blog and one of the things which has bothered me a few months is the fact that I feel stuck in the same format of things. I want to write more interesting reviews, simply. I also want another look for the blog, but that is a minor thing compared to the other thing.

Louise, It is great to hear that you’re signing up! I found the blog post bingo task fantastic for getting out of a rut. I still tend to fall back into my comfort rut a lot, but at least now I know I can get out of it if I want to. Hopefully the 2010 BIP will help you with everything you want to know.

Sounds like fun! I joined last year but very late in the game and never really got around to doing anything. I need to revamp my theme and everything this year, so this looks like perfect timing!

You did so well last year, I’m not a bit surprised that you’re leading the charge this time! I’m not sure I can commit to the entire project. Alot of the tasks seemed beyond my capabilities. But I will try to participate when I can!

Sandy, You don’t have to do all the tasks. We realise that they won’t all interest everyone, so you are welcome to jump in and out as often as you like. If you find anything beyond your capabilities – please let us know. Other people will probablly be having the same problems, so we’re happy to explain everything in more simple terms. I wouldn’t like to think that anything was too complicated. I hope you find some of it useful though.

That is great … I don’t know if I’ll officially sign up but I plan on following along and doing what I have time for. I’m also going to help spread the word as I think it is such a worthwhile project.

Beth, Was there a reason you fizzled out? I think a lot of people fizzled out over the year. It would be great to know if there was something we could do to prevent that happening again this year.

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