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Titus Groan – Mervyn Peake

You have seen nothing like it before … but after … you see things like it everywhere …. C.S. Lewis     SPOILER FREE REVIEW Titus Groan contains the most vivid writing I have ever read. Mervyn Peake has created an amazing cast of characters, each one packed with a range of flaws and their own […]

I’ve got a puppy!

On Saturday I got a puppy! She is a Bernese Mountain Dog, so she won’t be small for long. I have been trying to get a dog for a long time, but Bernese Mountain Dogs are quite rare here in the UK so it has taken me a while to find one. Her name is Ayla (after […]

A Visit from the Goon Squad – Jennifer Egan

Winner of 2011 Pulitzer PrizeLonglisted for 2011 Orange PrizeWinner of 2010 National Book Critics Circle Award Five words from the blurb: popular, humourous, lives, interact, loss A Visit from the Goon Squad seems to have won more awards than any other book this year. There is no question that it is a groundbreaking novel (how many […]

Gormenghast Read-along: Week 3

Titus Groan The Grotto – The Bloody Cheekbone (p194 – p277)     Steerpike’s evil plan actually worked! I thought that something would go wrong with his fire setting, so was quite surprised that everything went like clockwork. It is quite appropriate that things seem to be unravelling for him now though – Fuchsia is giving little […]

Pure – Andrew Miller

Five words from the blurb: Paris, cemetery, clear, bones, death Andrew Miller’s debut novel, Ingenious Pain, is one of my favourite books and so I was excited to read his latest release, Pure. Miller is one of those writers with the rare ability to make even the dullest scenes spring to life. I had hoped that Pure would come […]

Richard and Judy v The TV Book Club: Which has picked the best books this Summer?

Richard and Judy  and The TV Book Club and have both revealed their latest book club choices recently, but are either of them worth following and who is winning the battle of the book club? Richard and Judy’s 2011 Summer Reads After attempting to read Richard and Judy’s last selection of books I stated that I would […]