I’ve got a puppy!

On Saturday I got a puppy!

She is a Bernese Mountain Dog, so she won’t be small for long.

I have been trying to get a dog for a long time, but Bernese Mountain Dogs are quite rare here in the UK so it has taken me a while to find one.

Her name is Ayla (after the central character in Clan of the Cave Bear, one of my favourite books). She is very quick to learn, but doesn’t like being on her own so I’m having sleepless nights at the moment.

Is there anything that is better in life than having a new puppy? They give us so much love right from the start, and there is so much affection in their sweet little faces. From the start we become so attached to them, and are looking forward to a long and healthy life with them at our side. With so much affection between our puppies and us it is not surprising that you would want to take the best care of your new furry friend as possible, and that would include looking for the best dog food for puppies that is out there. You can also find out more from here.

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Dog food is not regulated the same way that people food is regulated. For example, if you see on the package that it says chemical free, or no chemicals added it actually is telling you that there were no chemicals added to the puppy food after it entered the processing plant. Before it got there it could be hormone ingested and chemical laden and they do not need to disclose that. Add to that problem the fact that most dog food companies use byproducts that include road kill and diseased carcasses and the bodies of euthanized animals that are brought from the shelters, many times thrown into the mix with collars, tags and even the plastic bags that they are kept in.

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Diane, Yes, she’s got a crate and she is slowly getting used to it as we play and put treats in there, but she still prefers to lie next to someone. Can’t blame her really 🙂

Oh oh oh! Look at the size of her paws!!! Puppies are like toddlers…needy, willful sometimes, and so darned cute they distract you from everything else going on. In about six months, your kids are going to be able to ride her she will be so big! Congratulations!

Sandy, She is very much like a toddler, but is more like a new born with her sleep patterns. I’m exhausted 🙁 It is all worth it though 🙂

She’s adorable. They are a great breed, too. They really do pull small carts in parts of the world when fully grown. Any local parades you all can participate in? 😉

cbjames, I’m looking forward to getting her to pull a cart when she’s bigger. I’m not sure there are any local parades, but I’m sure my boys will be excited enough just watching her in the garden. 🙂

What a darling, one of our customers has one and he brought her in when she was a puppy. I wanted to steal her and take her home 🙂

Congratulations!!! BMDs are sooo cute! They’re one of my favorite breeds. If I wasn’t so hooked on Border Collies, there would most likely be at least one in my yard right now. 🙂 She’s adorable!


Lezlie, I’m a big fan of border collies too, but they have so much energy 🙂 I’m glad BMDs are happy with a slow romp instead of walking/running 10 miles and still being up for more!

Yay! Congratulations! Ayla looks adorable and I’m sure she’ll grow up to be a real stunner. Early days with a puppy can be exhausting but they are also some of the best times as well, so enjoy! And take plenty of pictures! 😀

OMG, Jackie, she is so adorable!!! I love Bernese Mountain Dogs 🙂 I remember those sleepless nights – but they are so worth it…keep posting photos, I love watching them grow up!

Awwww wook is a wittle puppy……

All the very best to the new addition to your family, Jackie. She’s an absolute stunner, and sure to keep you on your toes for years to come (as if you needed any more of that with the active family that you’ve got :))

Oh Jackie, she’s a beauty and a big beauty at that! Your children will absolutely adore her – I’m hiding this from my children or they’ll want one too – we might do but I’m still recovering from post-natal brain shrinkage….7 years on! Enjoy! 🙂

There are quite a few Bernese Mountain Dogs here in rural Nova Scotia – most kept by the numerous sheep farmers. They do grow to be quite a size.

I hope you have a long and happy relationship with your new pup. Dogs are such a blessing. We love ours!

I’m just green with envy over here. She just adorable! My family and I had a Newfoundland and every time I see a Mountain Dog/Saint Bernard/Newfoundland it makes me want to run out and get another puppy. Enjoy your new family member!

Oh Jackie, she is just adorable!! Our last dog was a Bernese Mountain Dog (we have retired greyhound now). She was so smart and easy to train, and had the most wonderful temperament. Unfortunately, the breed seems to be plagued with numerous health problems (at least here in the US) and her time with us was far too short.

I hope you’ll post pictures of Ayla from time to time. Berners are the best! Wishing you all much happiness!

JoAnn, Yes, it is sad that the breed has so many health issues. They have the shortest average life of any breed. 🙁 The average lifespan is slightly longer here in the UK (just over 8 years) but it is still a big problem. I did a lot of research before getting Ayla so have avoided breeding lines with incidents of cancer at a young age. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed that she is one of the lucky ones.

She COULD NOT be cuter! What an adorable puppy! I hope she stops keeping you up at night — when we first got my puppy, my father sat next to her kennel and squirted her with a water bottle every time she started crying. It was brutal, I could never do that. :p

So adorable! My dad raised Bernese dogs and they were the sweetest dogs I’ve ever been around. You will be so happy with your new little (and soon very big) love!

Oh Jackie, she is gorgeous. I had a BMD growing up and was just in love with her. You are so lucky. My heart just aches seeing your Ayla.

Unfortunately, Mia (my BMD) was a rescue dog (not officially but we were given her by a woman whose husband abused his dogs to make security dogs out of them) and so she was timid and shy for the rest of her life and was always terrified of men.

I’m told they can be very impressionable in that way and am sad when I think of what Mia must have been through before we got her. She was still one of the most loving and beautiful dogs I’ve ever know and I’m so happy for you knowing what you have to look forward to.


@ireadlots, It always makes me sad to hear about dogs that have been abused. At least you gave Mia a good life. I am doing my best to introduce Ayla to as many things as possible at the moment. Hopefully she’ll grow up without any of those horrible negative associations.

What a classy dog Jackie! They are superb but boy! will she grow BIG. I remember seeing a similar pup in the mountains once in France, and I asked the owner what breed. She thought I was bonkers for not knowing. But they are absolutely stunning. Congratulations!

I love it! I just got a puppy in February and they do keep you busy. My friend got a Bernese Mountain Dog 2 months ago and it’s the sweetest dog ever! She is getting big, but her fur is so soft and she’s so friendly. Enjoy your new pup.

DamnedConjuror, Yes, that is one of the reasons I chose one. I’m actually involved with the PAWS project, run by Dogs for the Disabled, to train her as an assitant dog for my son. In Canada they use Bernese for this all the time, but have decided the perfect dog for autistic children is the labernese: They are impossible to get here, but I may create a few in the future 😉

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