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I’ve been happy tagged!

I’ve been Happy Tagged by Sandy at You’ve Gotta Read This! Thank you!!! This is an easy one! So what makes you happy? Here are the things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside: 1. Spending time with my family – really obvious, sorry! – but it gives me an excuse to show you a […]

The Victorian Challenge

  The Victorian Challenge is being hosted by Alex, and it’s aim is to encourage people to read more books written during, or based in the Victorian Era. I love all things Victorian, so although I’m almost a month late – I’ll sign up! I’m going to take the Walk in Hyde Park level – […]

Can you judge a book by it’s cover? #2

Congratulations if you guessed the correct answer last week! William Horwood is one of my favourite authors. How well do you know his books?

The Bride From Odessa – Edgardo Cozarinsky

Translated from the Spanish by Nick Caistor. The Bride From Odessa is a collection of eleven short stories written by Argentinian author, Edgardo Cozarinsky. Spanning over 100 years, and several continents, the stories show an impressive range of cultural knowledge. The stories are mainly based on Jewish migration around the Second World War, but the […]

The Brutal Art – Jesse Kellerman

The Brutal Art begins when art dealer, Ethan Muller discovers a large number of pictures in an abandoned New York apartment. The pictures were the discovery of a lifetime: Electrified, unnerved, I stared for six or seven minutes, a long time to look at a sheet of 8 1/2-by-11 paper; and before I could censor […]

Wuthering Heights – Discussion on chapters 16 – 34

WARNING!!! CONTAINS SPOLIERS!! For discussion of the first 15 chapters see here. 1. What is your opinion of Linton? Do you feel any sympathy towards him? He just come across as pathetic! Weak, moany and irritating. I suppose I can give a tiny bit of sympathy to him, as I don’t wish physical or mental […]