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My first week on Twitter

12065792511036325169gerald_g_chick_4_svg_medI finally signed up to Twitter last week, and have found it to be a very interesting exercise. I’ll admit that I didn’t really see the point of it initially. It had been described to me as being like the status updates on facebook, and although I enjoy reading my friend’s facebook updates, I didn’t see the point of reading updates from 100s of people around the world, even if they do happen to be famous.

What no one explained to me was what a good marketing tool it is. Since signing up I have found lots of great articles on the Internet, which I would otherwise have missed. This is because the great people I’m following on Twitter will send a message out whenever they find a post worth reading. I haven’t done this yet myself, as I’m a bit unsure of the etiquette. Is it OK to just tweet about any site I happen to find interesting? Or should I get their permission first?

I know that Twitter automatically converts urls which are over 30 characters to Tiny ones. Should I convert all the web-links I tweet into tiny ones, or only if they are too long?

I’ve heard about Twitter spam, but haven’t come across any yet. Has anyone had a spam problem there yet?

I have also learnt some new words. Did you know that a twoosh is a 140 character tweet? Or that a tweep is someone who follows you on twitter?  I have found this Twitter Dictionary really useful, as there are so many new words to discover.

I’ve enjoyed my first week, but am pleased that I am showing no signs of addiction to it. I just check it once or twice a day, and find it to be a great blogging tool, rather than the enjoyable waste of time I expected it to be.

My Twitter user name is farmlanebooks. If you’re a twitter user then you are welcome to follow me – I’ll try to add more useful tweets in the future. If you’re not yet signed up, then I recommend you give it a try, as it is not at all how I expected it to be.

Remember the Comment of the Week Competition! I’m looking forward to reading your comments!

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I’ve joined Twitter!

As part of the Blog Improvement Project I have now signed up to Twitter! I’ve been thinking about joining for a while, but wasn’t sure whether I wanted to or not. My main concern is that I will become addicted to it, and waste lots of time using it. I’m also unsure about how to deal with book related news and more personal updates. For the time being I’m going to stick with it being  a twitter account for my book news, as I’m not sure any of my ‘real life’ friends are signed up to twitter anyway!

I joined a few days ago, and think I have grasped the basics, so I’d love to have a few more friends on there. If you’d like to follow me on Twitter then my username is farmlanebooks. Hopefully I’ll add a few Twitter widgets to my sidebar in the next few days.

I look forward to twittering with you soon!