New Additions!

Hello! Sorry there haven’t been many posts around here recently, but I’ve been busy with a few new additions to my household. The most exciting purchase is a Pyrenean Mountain Dog puppy. She’s called Holly (because she was born on Christmas Day) and she is a giant bundle of energy. She has such a gentle nature and is so intelligent. I’m looking forward to seeing her develop.

I have also hatched some chicks, so I’ll have chickens around here too.

I will get back to reviewing books soon…after just one more cuddle with my baby animals!!!!

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  1. Sue says:

    Holly is gorgeous!! I can completely understand how she might distract you. And chicks too – you’re really settling in now :-)

  2. Diane says:

    So precious; enjoy this bundles of joy!

  3. Ifi says:

    Jackie, madness adding all that extra work!
    Extension to the house, dogs AND chicks!!??
    But I must admit, they are cute!

  4. Lisa Hill says:

    I have missed you, but oh! how I understand, your new puppy is a bundle of gorgeousness:)
    Happy times!

  5. Gorgeous! You really do have your hands full – although seeing Holly in the garden reminds me a bit of a lamb, so cute, but not for long I expect. I hope you post more photos as she grows.

  6. Oh my God, Holly is the cutest and goodest bundle of fluff I’ve ever seen in my life. How do you get anything accomplished? I would just 100% of the time be cuddling that pupper.

  7. Caroline says:

    Holly is so, so cute. The chick too, of course. But Holly is …what a lovely dog.

  8. Jackie says:

    Aw. Thanks for all the lovely messages. I just wish you could all come over and cuddle them too!

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