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Today I’m taking part in My Life in Books over at Stuck in a Book. Head over to Simon’s blog to see me talk about my favourite books from the past and try to predict who I’m paired with.ย 

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I remember a retired headmistress coming to our house to help me look after some children while their mums were visiting somewhere and she was amazed at the number of books we had. She heard you read and her comment was you can tell you are surrounded by books!

I so enjoyed that interview at “My Life In Books”.

JACKIE!!!!…..molecular gastronomy.!!!! OMG, I wish I were your best friend and lived right next to you!! I’d pay you to cook for me every (other) night. Before the deep south I lived in Barcelona for 4 years and tried ever so hard get a table at Ferran Adriร ’s El Bulli. But no luck!!

Ps. I hope you have friends who appreciate your talent. If not, there’s always …….

Mother of two seeking cook for summer 2013.
Sunny south of Spain. Own double en suite room, car and afternoons off!!! 3 mins from beach. ๐Ÿ™‚

Always something fun on your blog.

Ifi, I’d love to cook for you! The big problem with molecular gastronomy is that is takes so long to do anything. I end up spending hours doing one little bit and never have the time to create a whole dish, let alone a whole meal. If only someone would pay me to do it – then I wouldn’t feel so guilty about spending entire afternoons on one sauce ๐Ÿ™‚

Shame you didn’t get to go to El Bulli – I’d love to go there. I’ve managed to get to a few Michelin star restaurants, but it is such an expensive hobby to have that I only manage about 1 a year. They are great experiences though. Thanks for all the kind words.

I thought ‘A Fine Balance’ as soon as I saw your name, and it was lovely to see your other choices paint a picture of who you are.

I remember we started blogging around the same time and it’s been fascinating to see how your reading life has developed. Our tastes have moved in different directions but I’m still keeping an eye on you and enjoying reading about so many books I’ll probably never get to because there are far too many great books in the world to read in a single lifetime.

Jane, Yes. It is interesting to see how bloggers’ tastes have changed over the years. Most of us started out with very mainstream books. We were all reading the same (Richard and Judy/Oprah!) books and weren’t very knowledgable about the wider bookish world. We have all developed and moved in different directions. If you look at a range of blogs you’d never think we were all reading exactly the same books 4 years ago!

I do love how many people would have identified you from A Fine Balance! This is my fear for ever participating myself on the sly – Miss Hargreaves would come up, and it would instantly identify me!

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