Posts from ‘September, 2012’

The Lost Memory of Skin by Russell Banks

Five words from the blurb: sex offender, trapped, encampment, relationship, past The Lost Memory of Skin first came to my attention when it was listed as a ‘Book of the Month’ on Amazon. It went on to appear on many ‘Best of 2011’ lists in America and I was drawn to the reviews which described […]

The Lighthouse by Alison Moore

 Shortlisted for the 2012 Booker Prize Five words from the blurb: man, Germany, guest house, mother, lonely The Lighthouse is a short book with wonderful imagery, but I can’t decide whether or not it works. It is one of those strange books that balances on the thin line between genius and madness. I’m still thinking about it […]

A Fantastic Night Out

Last week my husband and I were lucky enough to be invited to a Literary Dinner at Blenheim Palace. The evening was part of their Literary Festival and combined good food with lovely bookish entertainment. Blenheim Palace was a stunning venue – the drive up to the gate was particularly beautiful: Once into the palace we were […]

The Plague by Albert Camus

 Translated from the French by Robin Buss Five words from the blurb: people, plague, death, isolation, fate Albert Camus is one of those authors that has always intimidated me. I assumed his writing would be complex and difficult to understand, but eventually my love for disaster based fiction won through and I decided to give […]

Three Abandoned Books

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn Five words from the blurb: wife, disappears, police, suspect, secrets Gone Girl seems to be the most popular book in the blogging world this year. I’ve seen raving reviews everywhere and so decided to see what everyone was getting so excited about. Gone Girl is narrated by an American couple, […]

Thinking in Numbers by Daniel Tammet

Five words from the blurb: imagine, universe, counting, mathematics, everyone Daniel Tammet is an autistic savant with an amazing ability to recall words and numbers. I loved his autobiography, Born on a Blue Day, so much that I went to hear him talk at the Edinburgh Festival last month. His new book, Thinking in Numbers, aims to […]