July Summary and Plans for August

July has been a slow reading month for me. There were a couple of weeks when I struggled to read anything and I only made my way through Gormenghast because I was hosting the read-along and didn’t want to get behind.

On a positive note, I enjoyed everything I read and am happy to recommend all of these books.

Book of the Month

Gormenghast (Gormenghast Trilogy (Book Two))




Books Reviewed in July

Gormenghast – Mervyn Peake 

The Afterparty – Leo Benedictus 

The Radleys – Matt Haig 

Speed of Dark – Elizabeth Moon 

The Forgotten Waltz – Anne Enright 

What else have I been doing?

I didn’t have much time for reading as looking after my new puppy has been exhausting. Things are improving as she gets older, but I’m looking forward to the day when she sleeps all the way through the night. She is now 12 weeks old and has tripled in weight since we got her a month ago. As you can see she is now so big I can barely pick her up.

The school holidays have started and so I am now spending each day entertaining my two boys. We’ve had a lot of fun so far. The highlight being my youngest son’s 4th birthday. We took him to the new Peppa Pig Land at Paulton Park. Here he is enjoying George’s dinosaur ride.

Yesterday I organised a pirate birthday party for him. I think you can tell from their expressions that they enjoyed themselves!

Plans for August

I should have a little bit more time for reading in August, but I don’t expect to get through that many books. I’m planning to try all of the books on the Booker long list, but haven’t had much luck with them so far (I’ve given up on another two in the last few days). I’ve now moved onto The Sisters Brothers and am enjoying it so far. Hopefully I’ve just saved all the best ones until last.

I’m also going to finish the last in the Gormenghast trilogy, Titus Alone. I’ve read about 100 pages so far and am enjoying it, but it isn’t in the same league as the previous books.

I’m sure that will be enough to keep me busy, but I’ll try to throw in the odd non-Booker book to keep a bit of variety.

I hope you have a wonderful Summer!

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Keep meaning to do a round up post, but to many other distractions foul my intent. Glad you’re still enjoying Mr Peake & BLIMEY the hounds growing, but looking gorgeously cute at the same time. Enjoy summer & the young ‘uns

Oh, such a tiny puppy! That look on its face makes me want to melt. Having just arrived home from a summer of being gone, I can relate to the inability to get much reading done. Audios are fine, but I am not sitting much. At least the books you did read were all well-rated!

It’s funny that your summer is just starting while mine is just ending. I’m going back to school later this week to start setting up my classroom for the fall.

The pirate party looks like fun to me, too.

Argh the dog is looking great they grow so quick ,five isn’t bad with gormenghast it’s a ling book and not a quick read I ve had slower last ten days with books my august plans not sure yet have couple bookers but I get easily distracted so may be anything hope you have a great summer all the best stu

Great photos, Jackie! Your puppy is absolutely adorable! I’ve always loved Bernese Mountain Dogs.

You throw a great children’s party – the looks on the faces of your son and his friends are priceless, I love when kids are having such a great time playing together.

I’ve been looking up the books on the Booker Long List and, granted I haven’t read any yet, but I’m not surprised you’re finding some of them not too enjoyable because I didn’t think several of them even sounded good! Weird.
Good luck with them. One year I may join you in reading the Booker possibilities, unfortunately not this year sonce I, not very intelligently, got myself sucked in to too many review books. But I’m looking forward to your thoughts & reviews

Happy Birthday to your little one! That looks like such a fun party.
I’ve started my Booker reading with Snowdrops and I’m enjoying it so far. I’m about 60% through and it’s thoroughly riveting. I wouldn’t say it’s a great novel though. I hope I get a chance to read more from the longlist too!

I hope you find a few gems in the Booker list! I’m reading The Sisters Brothers now and really enjoying it, but I wasn’t wild about the first one I read. I’m still waiting on most of the books to find their way to me, but it’s nice to be reading along with everyone:-)

What a fantastic puppy, and so big already. What are the Booker entries you’ve given up on? I’ve got a notoriously bad relationship with Booker winners – couldn’t get past the first couple of pages of The Gathering.

Louise, I have a hit/miss relationship with the Bookers, but actually loved The Gathering. I’ve recently given up on Derby Day and Far to Go, but will do a more detailed post about my problems with the Bookers soon.

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