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April Summary and Plans for May

Book of the Month Books Reviewed in April The Mountain People – Colin Turnbull  The Nobodies Album – Carolyn Parkhurst  […]

Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother – Xinran

  Translated from Chinese by Nicky Harman A million female foetuses are aborted and tens of thousands of baby girls are […]

Autism Awareness Month

April is autism awareness month and so I thought I’d take this opportunity to highlight the condition. You probably know someone […]

The Story of Forgetting – Stefan Merrill Block

Five words from the blurb: Alzheimer’s, truth, forgetting, family, history The Story of Forgetting is a novel about a rare […]

How I Became A Famous Novelist – Steve Hely

Five words from the blurb: write, bestseller, succeeds, fame, gleeful How I Became A Famous Novelist is a satire of […]

Read or Reject #4

My New Year’s Resolution is to give up on books that aren’t outstanding. I don’t want to miss out on […]