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Links I’ve Stumbled Across this Week

A few random links that caught my attention

Top 10 gaffes on Facebook, Twitter and Google

RIP floppy discs 

Don’t judge a book by its cover, particularly in France.

I was amazed to discover that these books were orginally self published.

These social media statistics are fascinating – it is amazing how fast social media is growing!


This week I passed a couple of milestones:

I managed to get my 1000th follower on Twitter.Thank you to everyone who has followed me @farmlanebooks. I love discussing books over there and look forward to many more bookish chats in the future.

I also recieved my 1000th positive feedback on Amazon. My book-selling business is dwindling now that my boys are too big to go book scouting with me, but it is nice to know that my customer service is continuing to be of a high standard and hopefully I will be able to grow my sales again once my oldest son starts school in September.

Nothing to do with books

I was amazed by the 2010 Optical Illusion of the Year competition. The winner is in the video below, but I highly recommend looking at the others – especially the one with the waves of moving dots.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

22 replies on “Links I’ve Stumbled Across this Week”

Verity, I have a soft spot for optical illusions – I didn’t realise there was a competition for them, but will keep an eye out for it next year.

Congrats on the 1000 followers, that´s amazing! 🙂

I love the link to the article about book covers. Those were some bizarre choices, especially the Foer cover. I always judge a book by its cover, and I´m glad I usually read in English because I mostly like those covers best, they promise fun as well as literary merit. German covers are usually dull and serious!

Bina, It is amazing how much I’m influenced by covers. Sometimes a lovely cover is enough to make me buy a book – even if I’ve know nothing about it. I’m pleased I live in a country with pretty book covers!

I´m glad you judge by covers as well 🙂 The cover is what made me pick up the first Thursday Next book and the first Flavia book. The boring German versions would have never made me look twice!

Book covers are an odd topic, though I suppose for cultural reasons (if things wouldn’t make sense or make any impact) a different cover is a good idea. Congratulations on both the 1000’s!

Charlie, I love comparing covers from different countries. I’ll have to think about doing a blog post about some of my favourites at some point.

Congratulations on the followers and on the feedback too! My first-ever job was as stock manager to an online bookseller, and I know how important good feedback is. 🙂

Congrats on breaking four digits! I was amused by the links, especially since my pastor was talking about floppy disks at church this morning. The book covers in other countries were fascinating to compare. I have no idea where Italy came up with the mice on the Harry Potter cover, and I was amused by the US publisher who commented that US versions of books have better special effects (3D? audioanimatronics? “lasers”?). Thanks for sharing the links!

Thanks for the links. I was interested to read about the books that were self-published also. I think I just read a statistic today (wish I could remember where) that said that 250,000 books were published by proper publishing houses in the U.S last year and 750,000 were self-published!

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