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Man Gone Down by Michael Thomas won the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. I have never heard of this book, and it doesn’t really appeal to me. Has anyone read it?

Unfortunately this advert was created for April Fools Day, but I’m sure we are in no need for it, as we all have enough old books lying round the house to smell while we’re reading!

I found this interesting post about the seven types of customers in a book store. I think I can hold my hands up to being all of them at some point – including the idiot!! I tend to be a seeker though, by TBR pile is too high for aimless browing at the moment! Which type are you?

Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness wrote a great post on non-readers. I can feel her annoyance oozing through the words!


I am honoured to have received two awards this week. Carrie from Books and Movies gave me the Literary Blogger Award, and Louise from Lous_Pages gave me the Lemonade Award.

Thank you so much! The awards have brightened my day!

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Jackie, great links! I just spent more than 30 minutes jumping around reading them and following THOSE links to other links *laughs* Re: what type of book buyer I am – I am sometimes a Grazer, sometimes a Browser. I also was a bit flabbergasted by the latest re: Kayne West – what an idiot! Congrats on your awards – well deserved 🙂

Wendy – I’m pleased that I entertained you for a while!

Beth – I hope you enjoy them!

Kim – Yes, the annoyance was very obvious! LOL!

LizzySiddal – I wonder what it would smell like. I have to admit that some of the books which find their way into my house smell terrible!! I prefer the smell of a freshly printed book.

Louise – I’m pleased you like the sound of the links – enjoy!

hmnp so the SMELLOFBOOKS advert was created for April Fools…didn’t know that..hmnp..

it’s all over the web. But seriously if there would be something like that I’d always go for the scent of a newly printed book…

Most of my books smells bad, almost all of them are second hand. I’ll definitely spray it when reading those books ^_^

Those links were great, Jackie, I had such fun reading them, thank you.
The book-shop customer post was excellent and I loved the comments afterwards too. Some folks got really offended…..perhaps they recognised themselves in one of the not too nice categories!
Sometimes I despair at people like Kayne West. What a moron (and I don’t usually call people names, but, really). His actions are irresponsible, not least of all as he is a role model for so many young people who may not be able to see through the blatent contradition in his comments.
I am surprised that Victoria Beckham said something about being a non-reader while promoting her own book (duh)! Which could be why her lovely hubby, David, has just launched a series of children’s books and assosicated workbooks aimed at age group 7 years upwards. These books are based on characters who play at his football academy. He is quoted as saying that he has written the books to encourage young children to love to read and to help them gain a love of football too. Good for him!!
Now, ‘Smellofbooks’ – I don’t think I would buy it, but, if Kindle and Sony begin to take over the world, who knows?

Webster12 – I agree – fresh paper every time!

Matthew – I’d be interested to hear what you think of Man Gone Down, but it doesn’t sound great to me, so I don’t think I’m going to be in a rush to go and get a copy (unless you say it is great of course!)

Kim – I loved the book customer comments too! I am sure it was because they were too true!

I didn’t realise David Beckham was releasing a set of books – I’ll have to look out for them in the library.Anything that encourages children to read can only be a good thing.

Teddy – Thanks!

Violet – The award is quite well known here in the UK. Perhaps it doesn’t get as much publicity in the US?

I really tried to read Man Gone Down. I didn’t really get it, and ended up not finishing it. I gave it away last year n the blog. It was critically acclaimed then, and even more so now but me and my book club were just baffled.

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