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Has anyone read ‘Maps for Lost Lovers’?

Has anyone read Maps for Lost Lovers by Nadeem Aslam? I’m about a third of the way through it and am finding it very hard going. I am thinking about giving up on it. If someone has read it, then I’d love to know whether it is worth finishing. Does it get better? If someone can convince me to read the rest, then I will, but for now it’s going back on the shelf!

I don’t mind slow books, as long as they appear to be going somewhere. It seemed to be OK for a while in the beginning, but now it just seems to be getting bogged down in the details of their lives. It’s also coming across as quite racist. There are so many characters (I know it’s a common criticism of mine – I can’t help having a brain unable to cope with lots of different people!) I don’t feel empathy for any of them, and keep getting them all mixed up in my head.

If it was a shorter book, then I’d probably go ahead and read it, but it is going to be a large investment of quality reading time, so I need to make sure it isn’t wasted!

Please help me to decide whether or not to continue! Thank you!

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So good to find this “review”! I’m reading another book by this author, The Wasted Vigil, and I have a number of the same complaints as you make about Maps for Lost Lovers – slow beginning, doesn’t seem to go anywhere, no empathy for the characters.

This book was recommended by two Dutch bloggers and I wouldn’t have picked it up otherwise. So, when at page 90 I was still not interested in the book I thought I’d check on your blog for some positive news that the book is worth continuing. But you haven’t read it, it seems.

I think I’ll keep going for a little longer but will probably give up in the next 20 pages or so. Did you ever finis Maps for Lost Lovers?

Judith, I didn’t finish Maps for Lost Lovers. I read a bit more, but then gave up. I’m afraid I haven’t read The Wasted Vigil, but it sounds as though this author isn’t for us. 🙁

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