Posts from ‘May, 2009’

Me and My Books

I’ve seen this meme circulating, so decided to answer the questions for you. 1. What author do you own the most books by? It is probably Ian McEwan or Penelope Fitzgerald, as they have the most books on the Booker short list – books which I intend to read one day, but haven’t got round […]

Please put a search box on your blog!

A little plea from me…PLEASE put a search box on your blog! I love your blogs, and it is great to read the new posts that you put up daily, but sometimes you write really good posts that I want to read again a few months later. Sometimes it’s because I’ve just got hold of […]

The Post-Birthday World – Lionel Shriver

I loved We Need to Talk About Kevin, so was really looking forward to reading this one. Unfortunately it didn’t quite live up to expectations, but was still a great read. The Post-Birthday World follows Irina, who is in a long term relationship with Lawrence. One night Lawrence is away and Irina goes to dinner with […]

Blogger problems and RSS feeds

I normally view all the blogs I subscribe to using the RSS feed option in my email programme – Microsoft Outlook. I love this, as it means every time someone writes a new post it comes straight into their own folder just like an email. This means that I can take a little break while […]

Look what I’ve bought!

I don’t normally do posts like this, as I usually only buy one or two books at a time, but this morning I struck book gold!! Someone with great reading taste must have made a donation to the charity shop recently!!! 16 books I really want to read…..  The Secret Scripture – Sebastian Barry I’ve […]

2666 – Roberto Bolaño. Part 1: The Part About the Critics

Steph and Claire are hosting a read-along for the highly acclaimed book, 2666, by Chilean author Roberto Bolaño. The novel is 900 pages long, and divided into 5 parts. We are reading one part a month, for the next five months. Here are my thoughts on Part 1: The Part About the Critics, pp. 1-160 […]