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Weekly Geeks – Historical Fiction

The weekly assignment for Weekly Geeks is to discuss historical fiction.



I love historical fiction. Knowing that the book you are reading is based on events which actually happened adds to the magic of them. It’s also a great way to learn about history, without having to get bogged down in dry text books!

I don’t have a favourite historical era – I love reading about all different periods of history.


My favourite historical fiction book is probably The Other Boleyn Girlby Phillipa Gregory. I read this pre-blogging, so haven’t written a review of it yet, but two great reviews are here:

Book Club Queen
All Things Girl 

The writing is so  vivid that you become totally immersed in 16th century life. I highly recommend that you read it.


One of my other favourite historical fiction reads is The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel. This book is set 35,000 years ago, and gives a great insight into early human life. The characterisation and plot are amazing, and this book is one of my all time favourite reads. 

I’m not sure that either of these books are appropriate for a book club read, as they are both a bit too long, but there is a lot to discuss if you do give them a go.