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Today marks the start of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, a time when people from around the world come together to thank book bloggers for their hard work.

I follow nearly 300 different book blogs and although every one is special I’d like to draw attention to a few of my favourite blogs:


Leeswammes’ Blog

Judith is one of the key European bloggers. Her infectious enthusiasm and continual warmth have helped bring together a community of bloggers from around the world. She arranges a number of different events, including her ever expanding Literary Fiction Blog Hop. It helps that her reading taste is almost identical to mine, but even if it wasn’t I’m sure I’d still love her blog.

Jo V’s Book Pyramid

Jo writes the most amazing reviews. She combines facts about the author with maps and historical detail to give background for each book she reads. She also happens to have a reading taste almost identical to mine and so I trust her opinion entirely.

Life…With Books

Jenners is one of the few book bloggers able to make me laugh out loud on a regular basis. She effortlessly mixes humour with fantastic book reviews. I have followed her blog for over three years now and admire her consistent, entertaining content. She also has two of the cutest dogs in existence!

Tony’s Reading List

Tony is an Englishman living in Australia. He reads literature from around the world and is constantly drawing my attention to titles that would otherwise pass me by. He is going through an Icelandic phase at the moment – something I’m particularly enjoying.

Ready When You Are, CB

James is a teacher on the look out for great books for his children. He combines interesting discussions with reviews from a wide range of different areas. I’ve followed him for years, but his blog seems to be getting better all the time.

You’ve Gotta Read This!

Sandy’s blog was one of the first ones I ever discovered. Whilst others have come and gone Sandy’s blog has become a regular part of my day. I feel as though I know her now and always look forward to finding out what she’s up to and which books she recommends. She has a passion for audio books and is responsible for making me spend lots of money on them!

Book Monkey

Emma works as a bookseller for Waterstones and always seems to discover the best books first. Our tastes are so similar that some months our reading round-ups are almost the same!

Beauty is a Sleeping Cat

Caroline reads literature from a wide range of different countries. Her native languages are French and German so she has the benefit of being able to read books in several different languages. She is always introducing me to interesting books, both old and new.

The Little Reader Library

Lindsay is a UK blogger who reads an eclectic mix of genres. She often draws my attention to wonderful books from outside my usual literary bubble, persuading me to try lighter books every now and then. She also shares my love for giant fluffy dogs!


Wendy is another blogger I have followed for many years. I have come to trust her literary fiction reviews to such an extent that she can be blamed for almost all the books I import from America!

Do you love these blog too?

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Thanks for the mention, Jackie. I actually also mention your blog on my list. No wonder, since we have such a similar taste in books!

I know most of the people you mention and Jo and Tony are people I’ve been following for a while. Caribousmom is also on my RSS reader and some of the others I check regularly. I’ll have a look at the rest. Thanks!

Judith, I love that we both included each other! We are book blog twins 🙂 It is lovely to find someone who shares the same taste in books – especially one who reads as much as you do. Here’s to many more years of book blogging!

Such a great mixture of blogs but a few of these I’m not familiar with. Love Judith and James and Wendy’s is the very first blog I came across the reason why I decided to start my own. Will always appreciate her for that. 😉

Thanks so much for the mention, Jackie! I’m glad I am helping you import books LOL! You are also on my “must read” list of bloggers…as are many of those you listed above. Have a great week!!

Wendy, I really hope that global publishing barriers break down in the coming years. I’d love to see books published in all countries simultaneously – it would save me a lot of money 🙂

Jackie, thank you so much for mentioning The Little Reader Library here. I am thrilled to bits. I love your blog. I know and visit some of the other blogs, and some are new to me and I am going to visit them and have a good read. Thanks for highlighting them. I am so glad that giant fluffy dogs get a mention too. Daisy is very happy 🙂
Lindsay x

Lindsay, I have a soft spot for giant fluffy dogs and it is rare to see them. Hope I get to meet Daisy in the fur one day and we can have a good chat about books. Enjoy browsing the blogs I’ve highlighted 🙂

Aw thank you Jackie for including my blog on your list! 😀 so glad you like it! Your blog is definitely one of the top on my list too… It’s a great idea to post them like this. I shall be checking out some of the others on your list too!

Thanks again,


I followed Judith and Tony’s blogs and they both have influenced what I want to read.

You make my day Jackie. My instant reaction was one of surprise and then unbelievably happy. Your mention worth so so much more than the ones I get at work. I will always treasure this post of yours and be reminded why we keep blogging, to continuously encourage each other. Hugs. 🙂

Cari, Yes. There aren’t many audio book reviewers. I don’t listen to many, but almost all of them have been recommended by Sandy. Hope you find something good to listen to.

You are so kind to mention me! I am flattered, especially to be surrounded by all these other very smart blogs. I wasn’t able to get this post up today because I just returned from SIBA, but if I had, you would have been on it. You make me aspire to be a smarter reader!

Sandy, I think you underestimate yourself – you are just as smart as the others on this list! I’m so pleased that we’ve got to know each other over all these years and hope we can continue to talk about books for many years to come.

First of all, I am beyond honored to be included on this list. I’m just stunned really as I think my book reviews have really gone downhill lately … due to the “two cute dogs.” HAHA! I appreciate your kind comments, and I’m glad to bring a smile to your face.

I read a few of the same blogs as you — particularly Sandy’s. She is responsible for me joining Audible and discovering the wonderfulness of audiobooks. The industry should really give her an award or something.

I think you do a great job with your blog, and I appreciate your honest thoughts about the books you read. You expose me to a lot of books I wouldn’t ever hear of otherwise and I appreciate that. My only real complaint is that you don’t post enough photos of your pup!!!

As I haven’t seen any, I’m not too sure if non-bloggers are meant to be commenting here but I thought there would be no harm in my thanking you for the wonderful blog you keep Jackie. Yes, this here sure is one person who appreciates her blogger! You have introduced me to new authors, book prizes I’d never heard of before, new publishers and a whole load of other things I was oblivious to before in the world of books.

Apart from the content, I love that you keep everything simple, straightforward and free of clutter.

I don’t follow any of the blogs you mention above but have visited them all at one point in the past. There is just too much out there so I keep it down to two or three. I very often visit Winstonsdad’s Blog for the amazing amount of books in translation he reviews. But I must say, I just re-visited Jenners Blog ( as you mentioned she makes you laugh, which is always a good thing) and her entry “Evolution of A Nerd” made me laugh so hard I had tears rolling down my face. I think I will be checking her site out too.

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