Heft by Liz Moore


Five words from the blurb: quirky, pair, unexpected, help, family

Heft is the heartwarming story of Arthur, a morbidly obese man who has been confined to his own home for the last ten years. Trapped in this lonely world he is surprised to receive a phone call from a former student who knows nothing of the way he now lives. The joy of remembering their relationship compels Arthur to think about what is important in his life and this starts a chain of events that are both moving and entertaining.

I immediately fell in love with Arthur’s character. Our society often labels overweight people as being a bit stupid and so it was refreshing to learn that Arthur was a former academic, with an intelligent outlook on life and a wonderful personality. I loved the way the simple writing enabled me get inside his head and really understand his motivations.

For years I have made very little effort to reduce the amount that I eat for I have no cause to. Despite this I am neither immobile nor bedridden but I do feel winded when I walk more than six or seven steps, & I do feel very shy and sort of encased in something as if I were a cello or an expensive gun.

The book was easy to read and I was hooked from the beginning, keen to know how Arthur’s life would develop. Other characters were introduced along the way and every single one of them felt realistic and well drawn.

The premise was quite simple and there were a few points when I worried the book would become overly sentimental, but I don’t think it ever crossed that line. The author cleverly avoided all stereotypes and frequently managed to surprise the reader. The ending was especially satisfying.

This book isn’t deep or literary, but it is a very entertaining story. I’ll be pushing Heft into the hands of many people, especially non-readers. This is the kind of book that ignites a passion for reading and makes the perfect light holiday read.



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I think I must have seen it here first! I read this book last week and loved it!

I didn’t notice anything particularly sentimental, but was worried a few times that the story was going nowhere but it always picked up again.

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