Lovely Long Weekends

The lovely weather, the Royal Wedding and an abundance of long weekends has given the UK a party atmosphere that I haven’t seen before. People have had street parties and met their neighbours for the first time and everyone seems a little bit happier. It isn’t often that we are allowed to celebrate being British, but I am really enjoying seeing the flags flying for once.

I have been making the most of the sunshine and have had lots of great days out. I’ve just come back from a camping trip to Sussex in which…

 …my boys got to dance around a May Pole, we saw some beautiful old buildings….



…and we visited an impressive castle.





The best thing is that my son’s school is closed next Thursday and Friday as well and so I’m going to have another long weekend. I hope I can cram many more great things into that weekend and that I’ll get some reading done between now and then.

I hope you’ve all had wonderful weekends too.

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Any long weekend, even if we are just laying around, is a good one. I love castles! Everytime we are over in Poland, we chase down a few. Really makes the historical fiction come alive.

Sandy, I don’t get much chance to lie around at weekends with my boys around, but agree that all long weekends are good. I hope you find many more wonderful castles on your next trip to Poland.

I wish we had that sort of history here too, where you can run off for a weekend and be surrounded by it!
I love long weekends, we get one in a few weeks for Victoria Day, I’m counting down the days already!

You’ve got so many long weekends at the moment and the weather has been good, too. Lovely, the celebration of the wedding! We had the Queen’s birthday on Saturday which is also a time that people go out (often dressed in orange, the Royal color) and have special events and parties.

Other than that, we didn’t have any days off – only Easter Monday. In the Netherlands, if a holiday (like Queen’s day) falls in the weekend, well, that’s where it is. You don’t get the Monday off to make up for it. So, you have a different number of days off every year – depending on whether Xmas, Easter etc. are during the week or in the weekend.

Oh, I’m not complaining! I hope you have a good next weekend too.

Judith, Sorry to hear that you don’t get the Mondays off if the holidays fall on a weekend – I hope you get a nice spread of weekday holidays this year.

I haven’t heard of your Queen’s day before. I love the idea of everyone wearing the same colour clothes in celebration – it would be great to see some photos if you have them.

Lovely photos! I too really enjoyed the long weekend and even though I’m not British could get very much into the spirit of things. I think it’s been a bit colder up north but still really sunny and clear. Sadly no more ahead for me until the next bank holiday, but I am glad we had these!

Meghan, You don’t have to wait very long for the next Bank Holiday as it is only a month away 🙂 I hope the clear, sunny weather continues for you and that it starts to warm up. I’m heading north next month and I just hope it doesn’t rain on me.

Lovely photos. Was that the Weald and Down museum? It certainly looks like it.

I do like my bank holidays but strangely enough I do like my routine as well!

Jo, Yes – well spotted! It was the Weald and Down museum and Arundel Castle. The Weald and Down museum had a Food and Farming show and it was fantastic. I highly recommend going, although I assume you’ve been before f you recognise it. 🙂

Judith, I’m not sure it is my favourite – it is a bit too perfect for me. I prefer castles that are crumbling a bit and ones that you can walk around the battlements – I think Ludlow is my favourite castle. 🙂

I am only about 45 minutes away from there. Last time I went it rained and rained and I got soaked.

Still would like to go back though!

It must be so much fun to be British during the Royal Wedding season. My friends and I had a Royal Wedding Reception the evening of the wedding, complete with tiaras, cake and champaign. It was so much fun!

Brenna, Wow – sounds as though you put in more effort than us! I love the idea of having your own wedding reception. I’m glad that so many people took the opportunity to have fun!

Glad you had a great time in Sussex too, Jackie. We stayed in Pangham on the coast but also went to Arundel and I just love West Witterings beach and village – I’d live there if I could afford one of those big thatched cottages. Sigh.

The Book Whisperer, Sounds as though we had an even more similar holiday than I thought. Did you spot the lovely three storey bookshop in Arundel? Not a great place to take two little boys, but I enjoyed my brief browse in there.

The picture of the Union Jack is awesome! I can’t believe we had so many bank holidays in one month and the weather is so lovely!

I can get used to long weekends. 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

The world must be coming to an end: we had much better weather than the south of Europe… and I often like to mention everytime I talked to friends & family back in Portugal 😛

It was a lovely weekend indeed, especially for an Anglophile like myself.

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