Gormenghast Read-along?

The Gormenghast Trilogy

I was inspired to read The Gormenghast Trilogy after hearing wonderful things about it at the Vintage Classics Day. A couple of people mentioned that they’d also like to read it and so I thought I’d see if anyone was interested in participating in a read-along.

Gormenghast is a cult classic that has been described as:

one of the most distinctive, absorbing and wonderfully strange books ever written.

It is set in a crumbling castle and describes the lives of the heirs to this dark kingdom. I’m afraid I don’t know much more about it, but I’m looking forward to finding out!

Amazon states that it is a book:

no reader interested in Gothic dare to miss.

The fourth book in the “trilogy” is being released in July and so it seems appropriate to read these books now, making the way through the entire series in one long stint.

I was thinking about starting the read-along in June, but am not sure about what pace to take.

Are you interesting in reading Gormenghast with me?

If so, how quickly would you like to progress through the books?

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I am very interested in this, Jackie. It will give me a great excuse to treat myself to the new illustrated edition. Unfortunately that’s not published till July so I’ll try and grab a library edition in the interim.

The major thing for me in large read -alongs is the pace. I find I succeed better when it’s regular and moderate (50-100 pages per week). I suspect that may be too slow for you, though.

Lizzy, I’m so pleased you are interested in this!

I quite like a slow pace for read-alongs too, as I like to be able to read other things at the same time. I’m just not sure how slow would be best. Let’s see what others think and go with the majority.

I’d be interested in reading along, Jackie. Whatever pace you choose sounds okay with me; I’ve read Bleak House and The Woman in White as read alongs, and hosted my own of The Brothers Karamazov so long novels don’t scare me. 😉 I agree that a steady pace of at least 100 pages a week would be good though, as I need to keep the momentum going. Plus, my own Japanese Literature Challenge 5 will be starting in June, and I have to save time for that! Looking forward tow hat you decide.

Bellezza, It is great to hear that you are joining in. Most people seem to think that 100 pages a week is about right so it sounds as though that is a good number to pick. I must remember to save a Japanese book for your challenge too 🙂

Bellezza, Thank you! I had seen the website, but didn’t want to browse it at this stage as I am scared of spoilers. I look forward to investigating it once I’ve read a fair chunk of the book.

Jackie — Great idea!

Since I just read the trilogy last year, I am not in the mood to re-read it so soon. But I think your read-along is a great idea and I will help you promote it.

For one thing, I am happy to post an announcement about the read-along on my reviews of the three books, and I will cross-post reviews anyone does of the books on my review posts, for anyone who leaves a link (so I know where to find their review):

My review of Titus Groan is here.

My review of Gormenghast is here.

My review of Titus Alone is here.

Have fun!

I’d like to join in, but personally would prefer to do one book per month. I don’t like spreading it out so thinly, preferring total immersion – just to be awkward!

Annabel, In my copy of the trilogy Titus Groan is 369 pages, Gormenghast is 384 pages and Titus Alone is 200 pages. If we read 100 pages a week we’d effectively be reading each of the first two books in a month and the last one in two weeks. So actually there isn’t much difference between the two.

I think I might give this a go, Jackie. Interestingly, after I read your post the other week I was then looking on Joanne Harris’s website (one of my all-time favourite authors) and she states this as her favourite book, so the timing is rather apt as I wanted to get myself a copy.

I am notorioulsy bad at wanting to read with other people and then getting engrossed in other books though; I feel it only fair to warn you. I am interested though so look forward to seeing the schedule. Maybe not every week would suit me so I don’t feel like it’s “homework”.

The Book Whisperer, It is great to know that this is Joanne Harris’s favourite book. I’m becoming more and more excited about this one all the time.

Don’t worry about keeping up with the read-along – I’ve also been bad at sticking to other people’s schedules so know the problems you face. Feel free to read it at your own pace and join in with the discussion whenever you feel like it – I hate reading becoming like homework.

kiss a cloud, The posts will always be there, so you’re more than welcome to read and add your thoughts whenever you get round to reading it. 🙂

I’m so tempted to join in but I’ll have to see how much time I have as I’ve got lots of books lined up to read. I actually had a copy of this but gave it away during a cull as I’d watched the DVD and wasn’t sure whether I was going to read it. Now I wish I hadn’t!

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