An Interview in Pictures with Carolina from Eclectic Book Readings




Today Book Blogger Appreiciation Week is encouraging bloggers to find out a little more about each other via a series of interview swaps. My interview partner is Carolina from Eclectic Book Readings.

Carolina reads a wide variety of different genres and can be found reading anything from YA to the classics. She lives in Portugal  and can be found on twitter @eclectic_reader. I hadn’t heard of her blog before I was assigned her as an interview partner, but I’ll definitely be returning. I’m sure a lot of you will love her blog, so please head over and take a look.

Inspired by a wordless interview with Shaun Tan and Simon’s Book Taste Meme I thought it would be nice to keep words to a minimum and Carolina kindly agree to answer all her questions with the use of photographs. Here are her photographic answers to my questions:

How would you describe your blog?


Can you show your taste in books with a
single image?












Which is your favourite book?












Are your book shelves well organised?












 Where do you like to read?








What is it like where you live?





A big thanks to Carolina for answering my questions! I particularly like her reading taste photo – so dark and atmospheric. I fancy reading a book like that right now…

Head over to Carolina’s blog to see my answers to her questions. 

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I really like the photo interview format. Images can say so much! Reading is usually…well…so word-based, that taking a break to experience a photo interview is very refreshing. I enjoy Carolina’s blog and had fun learning a bit more about her!

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