Who would you like me to profile?

This month’s blog improvement task is Blog Post BINGO!

I loved trying to write all the different types of blog post last year and encourage you to participate. We’re giving away some book vouchers – does that help persuade you to try?!

This year I’m not going to try to achieve BINGO!, but I would like to attempt the three post types that I haven’t tried before.

  • A Profile or Case Study Post — both of these types of posts involve writing about a person or group in your niche; find out what they do, how they got there, or interesting stories then share with your readers (more details from ProBlogger)
  • A Post Contrasting Two Different Options – compare and contrast two similar items, let people know the pros and cons of each and ultimately decide which is the best.
  • A Collation Post – gather quotes or opinions on a subject and place them together in a post. Then use these opinions to draw conclusions on the topic.
  • I have an idea for the post contrasting two options, but would love your help on the other posts.

    Is there anyone you’d like me to see profile?

    Is there a topic you’d like me gather opinions on?

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    1. cbjames says:

      These sound like ambitious projects. I can see why you’d want to limit yourself to three. Is the profile project supposed to be about an author/book or about anyone. I’d like to have a profile of the Farm Lane. Why is your blog called that? Where is it? Etc.

      Contrasting opinions, well…. Now that e-readers have been around for a little while, I’d like know what longer term users of them thing about them. Any buyer’s remorse set in yet? Which one should those of us who’ve not got one yet look into getting? Or should we all just stick with actual books after all?

      1. Jackie says:

        cbjames, Great ideas! The profile can be about anyone, but I think that doing one on myself might be cheating. I’ll try to do one of myself at some point int the near future though.

        I love the ereader idea though! I will see what I can come up with – thanks for the suggestion!

    2. For the profile I’d like to see a profile of someone in your literary prize coverage niche (i.e. Laura of Laura’s Musings) and how your approach your literary prize reading differently.

      Collation post should be easy enough but I look forward to seeing what subject you take – negative reviews, diverse reading, commenting v. lurking…

      1. Jackie says:

        Claire, I love that idea! I’ll have to see what Laura thinks of it.

        You make collation posts sound really easy! The way you put it makes me see that they are a great idea that I should perhaps use more often. Thanks!

    3. Harvee says:

      There are so many different and warring opinions on the value and meaning of Barbery’s novel, The Elegance of the Hedgehog. And also lots of opinions on Julie and Julia, the movie vs the book. Is this the sort of thing you might do? My salon.

      1. Jackie says:

        Harvee, Good suggestions! I haven’t read or seen Julia and Julia, so perhaps that is something I could do soon. I do love books that divide opinion!

    4. Eva says:

      I’m glad BINGO lasts a month this time. Last year, I managed to do all of the posts, but this year, I’m feeling a bit lazy. lol

      1. Jackie says:

        Eva, I completed BINGO last year too. I agree that 2 weeks was too short – hopefully more people will be tempted to try if they have a month. I think it is good for people to attempt BINGO once, but I don’t think it is lazy to avoid it if you’ve done it before!

    5. Andreea says:

      Nice project! Looking forward to hearing more about it!

      1. Jackie says:

        Andreea, I hope you decide to participate.

    6. I vote for compare/contrast, as we’ll all have something to say about it!

      1. Jackie says:

        J.T, Don’t worry I will be doing at least one compare/contrast post!

    7. Dan Holloway says:

      Ooh this is exciting.

      Profile – I’d love to see something about some of the writers who’ve influenced the new wave of authors – people like Ginsberg , Burroughs or Bukowski – or the Beat writers as a group, and their influence on the likes of Bolano and Eggers

      Collation – yes, e-readers is a great and timely topic.

      What I think it would be really interesting for me to see, as a writer, is a collation of opinions on the “forgotten” genres of poetry, short stories and novellas – do people feel short-changed by them, are they really reluctant to buy them, or would they welcome more

      1. Jackie says:

        Dan, Interesting suggestions! Unfortunately I don’t feel qualified to write posts on those sort of authors as I haven’t read them – perhaps you should write the post? The same is true of short stories, poetry and even novellas to some extent. Sorry :-(

        I think I’ll write an ereader post. I will be interested in finding out the results of that too.

        1. Dan Holloway says:

          Look forward to it immensely – I’m a huge fan – my fatehr-in-law has been able to enjoy books again for the first time in years after losing mcuh of his sight thanks to his ereader

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