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Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2010

The winner of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction was announced yesterday. I did a terrible job of predicting the winner  –  failing to mention any of the finalists. I blame this on the fact that I haven’t even heard of any of them! 

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize 2010

Tinkers by Paul Harding


Love in Infant Monkeys by Lydia Millet and In Other Rooms, Other Wonders by Daniyal Mueenuddin

I am trying to read all the Pulitzer winners, so will read Tinkers at some point.

Have you read Tinkers?

Have you heard of these books?


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Oh, I’m sorry if you thought that I was saying you were being repetitive. If I was that’d be stupid, because bookblogging surely means many people share their thoughts on the same books or events. I didn’t mean to imply that at all!

None of them, which is odd really because I’m often in the bookshop and a big deal is made of new releases. The cover of the third is most appealing to me, so while I won’t look at all three I will that one.

Jessica, There were no reviews on Amazon UK when I went to look this morning (although one appeared a bit later) There isn’t a copy in my library. – I’m sure there will be lots of reviews in the coming weeks though!

Nadia, I think it is quite nice that the award is highlighting a lesser known book – especially if it deserves it. I look forward to hearing all about it.

I still intend to read Lark and Termite so thank you for bringing it to my attention, even if it didn’t win!

I only know of Tinkers because after your post I had a look at the Pulitzer website to see what others were suggesting would win and it was one that came up a few times.

Claire, I still hope to read Lark and Termite at some point too. It is good that the Pulitzer website was at least creating a little buzz around it – I look forward to reading Tinkers at some point in the future too.

I was flabbergasted at these results. How idiotic do I feel that I have never heard of any of them? It seems that I am not the only one though. Good grief. Well, on the bright side, we get introduced to new stuff, right?

Sandy, At least we can take comfort in the fact that we are not alone! I like the fact that an unknown book has won – let’s hope it is wonderful!

Meghan, I’m sure it won’t be long! I can’t decide whether to buy a copy or wait until my library gets hold of a copy. I have a lot to read at the moment, so think I’ll delay the decision!

Never even heard of these books, but then I am interested in a different genre, so it’s no wonder! Happy reading to you and I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these books, should you decide to share them with us.

Question: How do the candidates for the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction-Shortlist (and longlist- as I assume there is one) get publicised and marketed to the book reading public? Perhaps the answer to that question would speak to our lack if knowledge of the candidates!
Just a thought as I haven’t heard a word about these lists.

The book is published by Bellevue Literary press (yes it is outfitted in the old mental institution in New York) a really small company. So maybe they are not able to advertise as well as the big companies (especially to other countries) but I think it is great that the small presses are putting out books that are getting recognized. Love in Infant Monkeys is also published by a small company. Good for them!

I’ve never heard of these before. Although the one by Millet looks really interesting. I never seem to get around to the prize winners because my TBR list is already so long… A book on your list of just completed novels, though, looks fun: Nights at the Circus. I’ll be sure to come back for the review!

-Lydia 🙂

I haven’t read any of the books that won, but being from Seattle, I can verify that the reporting of the police officers shooting by The Seattle Times was truly wonderful. It was up to date and readily available. This was a tragic occurrence in the Seattle area (basically, a guy on parole went into a coffee shop and shot four on-duty police officers for no apparent reason). There was subsequently a manhunt and they did a great job getting accurate news out fast.

When the Booker prize longlist was announced I did a post about how I don’t seem to be reading those books that seem to be award-winning material. I feel somewhat better now, because at least I had heard of some of those books! I hadn’t heard of any of these!

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