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My Favourite New Book Blogs

Book Blogger Appreciation Week starts today!

The idea is to celebrate all the wonderful book blogs that are out there through a series of posts.

Today book bloggers are highlighting their favourite new blogs – so if you are interested in seeing which blogs others highlighted, take a look at Mr. Linky on the BBAW site.


The Reading Ape

When I first discovered this blog I was convinced it was attached to a newspaper or some other professional publication. I was so impressed by the well researched articles and the intelligent reviews that I remained a lurker for a while, convinced that it would already be receiving hundreds of comments. I was therefore shocked to discover that this blog was brand new, run by a lone blogger and had a relatively small following. A blog of this quality deserves a far greater audience and so I urge you to take a look. I’m sure you’ll love it!

The Pink Sheep Cafe

There are so many blogs out there that I often confuse them, so it is quite unusual for me to discover a blog and instantly remember it. The Pink Sheep Cafe is an example of a very well branded blog. I love those pink sheep, but more importantly I love the humor in the thoughtful reviews. Robbie currently lives in Croatia and claims to like isolation, but I’d prefer it if his blog wasn’t so isolated. Go and take a look!

Park Benches & Bookends

Park Benches & Bookends is run by husband and wife, Jess and Chris. Both have a different taste in books and so the blog is a rich mixture of genres. They also include fantastic summaries of their visits to literary places of interest. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Lovely Treez Reads

Teresa has a very similar taste in books to me and always seems to be reading the books that I want to read; so if you like my blog you’re probably better off reading hers as she’ll get to the books months before I will!

Leeswammes’s Blog 

Judith’s blog has only been running for six months, but she has already made a name for herself by starting the wonderful Book Bloggers Abroad feature. She uses this to show how different blogging/book buying is in countries around the world by highlighting a different blogger each week. She lives in the Netherlands and reads a wide variety of fiction. I hope that you’ll decide to add her to your blog roll.

I could go on recommending blogs for a long time, but I wanted to limit it to five. There are lots of blogs that I love, but I felt that these most deserved a wider audience.

Happy BBAW!!!

65 replies on “My Favourite New Book Blogs”

I agree The Reading Ape is such a great blog! I’ve only recently discovered The Pink Sheep Cafe and it needs more of my attention! The others… I’ll find out. If you think they’re good, I certainly will have a look.

Oh, and thanks for featuring me!

I haven’t come across any of the blogs except for Judith’s (I love her Book Bloggers Abroad feature too!) We all read so widely and follow such different blogs that it’s nice to recommended new ones we might never come across otherwise!

I love blogs written by more than one person so I’ll be having a look at Park Benches! Out of the list I only read Lovely Treez Reads so that’ll be four tabs to add to my already crammed browser!

Oh geeze Jackie…now I’m gettin’ all shy and turning beet red. Thanks for the shout out. I’m am flattered that you are enjoying my blog. Yours is truly one of my favorites and, I have to admit, you are sort of my book blogger role model. I aspire to have a blog as amazing, well written and intelligent as yours. Thank you so much.

P.S. – People, I can vouch for Leeswammes’s Blog, I love what Judith has done, especially with the Book Bloggers Abroad feature.

Most of these are new to me, too. When I went over to The Pink Sheep Cafe–which I did first because I love memorable blog titles–just reading the header made me laugh out loud.

Park Benches & Bookends is a new discovery for me, in the last month, and I absolutely love that blog. The others, I haven’t heard of, but t hey sound fantastic! I’m off to c heck them out.

Thankyou for featuring us!

Its funny as you think you’ve seen loads of great blogs out there and then you discover loads of great new ones. Im already a big fan of the Reading Ape and Ive added the rest to my blog list. Ive added alot of blogs to my blog list today 🙂

Jessica, I know! I’ve added several new blogs to my google reader today too. Wonderful new blogs are cropping up all the time, so it is hard to keep track of them all. You have a wonderful blog and I’m really pleased that I discovered it.

Jo, I love following Floor to Ceiling books on twitter (@ALRutter) but she reads very different books to me and so I don’t realy follow her blog.

Don’t worry – I have no idea how I found 90% of the blogs I read either!

This is such an exciting week and a great opportunity to discover new blogs. Thank you for sharing a few of your favorites with all of us.

Thanks for the recs – I was have found two new blogs!

Yours was one of the first blogs I started following early this year when I began book blogging and the advice you offered during the Jan 2010 Bloggiesta has stayed with me – thanks for supporting the newbies!

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