Links I’ve stumbled across this week and Solar winners

Thank you to everyone who entered my Solar give away.

The winner of the signed copy of Solar is: Lu from Regular Rumination

The 3 Solar T-shirts go to: Jane Willis, Natalie Newham and Teresa Majury

Congratulations to the winners! I will get in touch by email soon.

Blogger discussions of the week 

  • Next Read had an interesting discussion about deciding which books to read and review.
  • Regular Rumination wrote a great post about how negative book reviews can make the book more intriguing to the reader.
  • Book Lust discussed falling for book hype.

Elsewhere on the Internet

As a book seller on Amazon I am quite annoyed by their new policy which forces sellers to ensure their books are not cheaper on other selling platforms. Luckily I don’t normally have the same stock for sale on different sites at the same time, but this will have a big impact on some people.

This is a lovely little video about the publishing industry – I thought it was very clever!

12 replies on “Links I’ve stumbled across this week and Solar winners”

I think that’s five Solar giveaways I’ve not won now, so yesterday I gave in and bought it anyway!

Great links – I love the Get London reading one – what a good idea.

The whole Amazon thing is a pain. I do sell a few books on Amazon for pocketmoney – but don’t see how they will police it. All will become clear!

Annabel, Sorry to hear you didn’t win any Solar give aways – I hope you enjoy it now you have splashed out!

I don’t think Amazon will be able to police small sellers – they will have no way of knowing if I decide to sell my stock on ebay under a different user name. I think their new policy is designed to stop people the big sellers from advertising that all their books are 10% cheaper on their own websites. It will be interesting to see how it changes things – I’m just glad I’m not trying to sell things through my own website.

I finally stopped linking to Amazon through my affiliate program. The money I earned (whether a little or a lot) wasn’t worth the notion that I approved of their policies.

I love the Ian Rankin interview – thanks for the link. One has to feel for writers who have been put into a niche and separated from the lit fiction. And sometimes it’s hard to know where they should go. I noted with great amusement at a book sale once that “Special Topics in Calamity Physics” (lit fiction or even mystery) was put in the science section!

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