I’m being featured on Scene of the Blog today!

Kittling Books has a weekly feature in which she reveals photos of where specific blogs are created. 

I’m being featured on Scene of the Blog today, so if you are interested in what my blogging space looks like – head over there!

Sorry if you received this in your feed yesterday – I accidentally scheduled my post in the past instead of the future!

12 replies on “I’m being featured on Scene of the Blog today!”

Violet, LOL! I have to admit that it is never normally that tidy – I cleaned it especially for the photo! I quite like the snow, although that might be because we don’t get much of it.

NickyB, I think my desk is untidier than yours at the moment. Perhaps I’ll clean it over the weekend!

Sorry there is no photo of me, but you know what I look like so you don’t need one 😉

Congratulations on being featured. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your garden. It looks lovely, even in the snow! One funny note…you and I have the same desk chair! Anyway thanks for sharing the link.

Kathleen, LOL! Are you finding that your chair is starting to break? Mine is fraying round the edges now – might have to get a new one soon!

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