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What makes a good comment?

Entries to my Comment of the Week Competition have officially CLOSED!

Now I have the difficult task of trying to decide which comment is the best. It is proving much harder than I expected it to be. How do I decide which comment is better than all the others? Should it be based on how useful the comment was to me? How informative it was to my others readers? How funny it was? 

HELP! I think I need to devise a complex rating system for them all!  I need some advise on how to proceed now…..

What sort of comments are the most helpful?

What types of comments do you most like receiving on your blog?

 Can you share one which you found particularly useful?

I’d love to hear all your thoughts on what makes a comment great!

Thank you!

9 replies on “What makes a good comment?”

I love all comments, but I especially love the ones that make me laugh. Or the ones that offer something interesting that I learn from. I have no advice to you on how to quantify a good comment…it seems like it is doomed to be an objective opinion, which I am OK with!

Sandy – I agree with you – I’m trying to find comments that were funny and informative, but I’m afraid people made the mistake of doing one or the other! I’m in for a very tough decision.

Kim – I think you’re right – especially for book blogs. We read book blogs to gain information about books, so it is great when comments are funny, but information/discussion is what we’re really after.

Oh my — I don’t envy your position of trying to decide the “best” comment. Personally, I enjoy any comment. The fact that someone just took the time to write a note means so much to me.

I am following you on twitter 🙂 If you would like to follow me, I am Mstermind1

I think it would be loads of fun to “tweet” across the pond!

Molly – I’m still struggling to decide which comment is the best, although I have narrowed it down to five!

I worked out our twitter problem – I didn’t recognise your twitter ID, and was already following you! I look forward to tweeting you in the future!

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