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What do you think of adverts?

What do you think about adverts on blogs? Yesterday I added a google adsense banner to my sidebar and I have to admit that I hate it! I think it looks really ugly and I want to rip it out. Luckily I don’t have to scroll down there very much and so can try to avoid looking at it.

I am going to put up with it for one month and see how it goes. If it makes me enough money to buy a book or two, doesn’t put off people visiting my site and stops annoying me so much then it might stay, but I have my doubts.

My husband thinks that as I spend so much time blogging I should at least try to make a bit of money out of it, so I have agreed to a one month trial.

I like links to Amazon and other book selling sites and always try to use my favourite bloggers whenever I buy books – which is quite often! Are there any other types of advert which you like on a blog?

Would any amount of money persuade you to put such an ugly thing on your blog?

Have you done anything to make your blogging habit more appealing to your partner?

Will you abandon me because I have a horrible advert?

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I wouldn’t abandon you! I think we’re all used to sites having ads, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary. I haven’t added them to my site personally because I’d probably prefer to have a sponsor who paid per month regularly, but my traffic isn’t enough for that yet; I never click on random google ads and so I’m not sure anyone would click on mine.

My fiance figures that at the moment I’m getting a lot of free books for my labor and it’s saving us money on books I’d otherwise be buying, so he’s not too worried about making actual money yet.

I didn’t know about having a sponsor – I wonder how you go about doing that.

I don’t think the advert will be staying longer than the month. I’ve made £0.12 in the last 24 hours – I don’t think that is worth it!

I think he is just a bit annoyed that my income has gone down so much since I’ve been blogging – I work for myself from home, so decide how much I want to work!

I think that I am so used to blocking out ads that I really don’t notice them unless they are excessive in number. I think I’m fine with things unless they pop up. That bugs me. I really didn’t notice your ad til you mentioned it, it’s so far down at the bottom.

I won’t abandon you (or any other blogger I like), but since you ask I’ll be completely honest: I think advertising makes the blog look bad. Especially adsense, which is just ugly text. For example, the top of your post is overrun with an advertising box. That’s the first thing I see when I click over. (Are you writing fiction? Short story fiction!)

In general, I absolutely hate ads on blogs. I understand on commercial sites that its necessary, but I think blogging is completely different. I don’t think bloggers should expect to ever make money. That’s not what blogging is.

Apparently I’m in the minority, since the first few people already indicate they don’t care. I just personally hate it on any blogs.

I agree with you – I hate ads! The one at the top of the post is a one off. I was looking for a picture which represented ads and decided an ad was proably the best representation, so there will never be an ad at the top of a post like that again.

I don’t expect to make money from my blog, but it is costing me a lot of money at the moment in hosting and books. It would be nice to break even, but judging from the amount of money you make from ads I don’t think it is going to be worth it.

I’m sure this will be an ad free blog again soon.

Thank you for your honesty.

It will make my husband happy to show him that I tried and it didn’t work out.

I am actually quite okay with little adverts, I just have a problem with the large picture adverts which I dont see on your blog. So no worries, I will be here unless the adverts start meddling with the text of the post or something like that 🙂

If you want to try something else, try Amazon affiliate program, you just have to link the name of the book with the amazon page using the affiliate program. I dont see any harm in it. I use it. I used to link to Amazon anyway, by using this just the address bar link changes. It doesn’t affect the reader in any way.

My dad was once trying to calculate how much money I could make if I sell all my books even for half the price since I dont make any money on blogging about books 🙂

I’m already a member of Amazon affiliates – all my book pictures take you through to amazon. I don’t make very much money through that though. I guess the main problem is that most people who visit my blog are American and my links are to the UK site.

I link my books to the Amazon site too, but it’s just for convenience for me to have a picture on my posts. I’ve also never made money on it, and it’s been there for more than a year.

Next time I buy a book from I’ll make sure I’ll buy it through your link!

Amazon affiliates hasn’t made me much money – about £15 in the last year. I wouldn’t do it if the pictures weren’t so useful!

I don’t like ads but I won’t stop reading your blog! (you’ll have to work harder than that to get rid of me!) I don’t have ads because I don’t like the randomness of what is advertised. I’m old-fashioned I guess, if there is an ad on my site, then I feel that I’m endorsing that product or site. My three affiliate programs are it for me (and I keep thinking about taking off Amazon).

But so far, blogging isn’t really costing me anything.

I’m actually quite impressed by how much the advert reflects the post you are looking at, but you’re right – I’d hate to think anyone thinks I endorse the products advertised.

You make me laugh! No, I won’t abandon you! My husband has made the same suggestion…that if I spent my entire life blogging, why not to make some money. Personally, I find the Amazon and other adverts kind of tacky, and I decided that for the little amount of traffic I get, and the insignificant amount of money I would make, it wouldn’t be worth it. If it were a significant income stream, I might change my mind and sell out though.

It’s funny how men are much more money orientated than women!

I am very interested to find out if it makes a real income stream or not. With the current credit crunch I keep seeing people on TV saying that people should start blogs to make some money. I’ve never believed it can be a realistic form of income, but I look forward to finding out.

I have to say at first I didn’t even notice it. I just noticed to myself I have to scroll down further to get to the writing and than after reading what you said really looked and saw the ads. I guess that ads are so prevalent on the web I just tune them out on sites and focus on what I want to look at. Blogs are a lot of work so if you get some money for your effort good for you! I wouldn’t think they would deter anyone unless they are really blatent– for instance those flashing ads and where the pictures change all the time– that is distracting.

The thing I really hate is the ads that pop up and get in the way of what you’re trying to read. I’m pleased you don’t find mine offensive.

Jackie, I won’t abandon you! And, while I get annoyed by the flashy types, the pop-ups, and the ones that are really obstructing the view, I don’t really mind the ones on the sidebar. I know a lot of people think that blogging should never be about money, but I think for us mothers who have no income (or minimal income), every little bit helps, and I hope other readers understand that. Not every blogger can sustain their expensive reading hobby. I know having those ads won’t make you rich, but they might be able to buy you, in a year, a book or two, and that’s a big help. So, I’m very tolerant of ads (the ones that are not imposing, like yours).

Thanks for being so understanding. There are a few books I’d like to buy at the moment – newly released hardbacks – and I can’t justify buying them at the moment. Perhaps with a bit of extra money coming in I’d be able to buy them.

The ads do not bother me. I’ve had them on my blog in the past. I took them off because they were not making me any money. I don’t get enough visits to warrant anything more than public service announcement ads which don’t pay. When you get more visits, Goggle gives you paid ads that can earn money and look much better by the way.

IWill you let us know if you start to make money from the ads. Even if it’s just enough to cover the cost of one or two books per month, that would be worth it to me.

I’m interested in your ad experiment. Did you make anything at all, or just not enough to justify it? Did you use adsense? Do you know how many visits do you have to get to have the paid ads?

I’m more than happy to let everyone know how much I make due to ads. I’ve just checked and I’ve made £0.33 today. I’ll let you know my total at the end of the month.

Jackie, your ads weren’t offensive at all and I probably wouldn’t have paid them much attention if you hadn’t asked. There are some ads, like the ones with flash, and the pop-ups that are so annoying that they have caused me to stop reading a blog. There are also some blogs that become so clogged with ads that I will stop reading them. It will be interesting to see how much money you make in a month. And I agree, if it’s enough to cover a book or two a month then it would be worth it.

If it works out to be 30p a day then that will be enough to buy another book a month. It’s an interesting experiment any way. Thanks for the support.

Hi Jackie. I read your blog everyday from my Google Reader (sorry about not commenting often) and the ads do not show up on the Reader, even the ones at the top of the post. I read your blog because of what you have to say in your posts, not because of what I see in the sidebars. I had to scroll down to find the ads. To me they are not offensive at all.

If it makes your husband feel better, then let them be. My husband and son (yes, the men in my life) kept nagging me about monetizing my blog that I added to the books I review. I’d have to sell a ton of those books just to buy myself something to drink! But, if it makes them happy, I’m okay. They are important to me.

Sometimes you have to do something you don’t really like just to make the men in your life a little bit happier. If it stops the nagging then it will be worth it!

Don’t worry about not commenting very much – I read your blog every day too, but don’t comment that much either! – sorry!

Like many of the above comments I don’t have a problem with text ads, not least because, like Margot, I typically view your posts through a feedreader, where in my case (on this post at least) the ads do not show up at all. I’m generally quite laid back about discrete, non-popup ads on any website, after all, some one has to pay for the content that I am reading for free.

Good luck trying to make a few pounds. I would imagine you stand a better chance of getting free books from your blog if a publisher decides to send you some titles for review. (That’s a big hint dropped on your behalf!) This could be quite likely after your appearance in that top ten book blogs list earlier this week. Well done on that achievement.

I do get some books from publishers, but there are lots of ones I’d like which I haven’t got. I have never asked a publisher for a book yet – it has always been them coming to me, but you’re right – perhaps I should start approaching them.

I don’t even see ads…I have Adblock Plus.

I hate ads, for me they can have a detrimental affect on my enjoyment of a site. That’s why I block them so I can concentrate on the content. Saying that, occasionally you might find a website that has integrated ads that they become part of the site, and don’t draw attention to themselves (although I suppose that defeats the purpose).

I’ve never heard of Adblock plus – I’m pleased you can use it to avoid seeing ads.

Of course I won’t abandon you – silly girl!! I’m not fond of ads, but as long as they’re not flashy or expand when my mouse pointer happens to roll over it, I can pretty much ingore.

I don’t have any ads and don’t have plans to add them. I do have a ‘find it at Powell’s’ button, but that’s it.

I ignore ads on blogs so they don’t bother me. I promise not to abandon you and I agree with your husband. I mean what the heck right? You provide so much great blog content that I imagine even if someone hates ads, they’ll overlook it in your case!

I have no problem with ads on blogs … I never click on them though!!
And I had a bit of a negative experience with Google AdSense … as did other bloggers I know. It seems that when you get close to actually getting paid, they abruptly cancel your account. Happened to at least 5 blogs I know about so I would tell you, don’t expect much.

I don’t really pay attention to ads on people’s blogs unless they are overbearing. I personally have no interest in having them on my blog. I know a few bloggers do that whole associate thing with the bookstores, but that’s another thing I have avoided.

My husband doesn’t have an issue with the amount of time I spend blogging. He knows better. 🙂 He has his own hobbies that keep him occupied. If anything, I think he’s glad I have something to keep me busy so he doesn’t feel guilty about spending so much time on his hobbies.

My husband actually helps me with my blog now and then–and he has his own.

My husband doesn’t mind me spending so much time blogging. I think his problem is that the amount of time I spend making money has fallen.

I’ve always intended to put ads on my blog, but haven’t yet because I don’t think I have enough traffic to bother, as I’ve only been blogging a few months. So far I haven’t been distracted or irritated by yours, so yay!

I wonder how much traffic you have to have to make it worth it? I would love to know how much people with different levels of traffic make.

I hate ads on blogs. It doesn’t give off a very professional – or personal – vibe for me when I see them populated all over. It distracts from the quality of the posts – and you have lots of quality. I don’t think the payoff is worth the tradeoff. My goal is to keep our blog ad free and try to bring income in by getting paid for posts on other sites. But I know lots of people who display ads on their sites – it won’t keep me from coming by to read your content. It is a personal decision and I don’t hold those against anyone.

Being paid for posts on other sites is a great idea! How do you go about finding out about that?

I’m right in the middle of modifying my template so I can host a few sponsors. I’ll never have enough to have spending money but at least I hope I can support my giveaways, etc.

I tried Google Adsense once before and never made more than 2 pennies so I hope you make more than that! I didn’t have any luck with it.

I have been able to bring in a fair amount w/ Amazon (but interestedly enough none from Powell’s or Indiebound yet). But it’s hit and miss. Some months are good, others not.

If you have a fair amount of search engine traffic (I’d say 80% of your traffic) I would recommend Chitika. It’s ads that show only to those from a search engine and they do click on the ads. It’s been a regular money maker for me. If you are interested, let me know and you can sign up under me (what can I say, it would help me out too! LOL).

I know what you mean by your husband wanting you to make money from blogging. I get it all the time! I sympathize!

I have never heard of Chitika, but I like the idea that it only shows up to search engine traffic. I’ll send you an email!

I use a Firefox plug-in ad blocker, which means that I can’t actually see your ad. I see the one for the Book Depository, which doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Since I come via google reader I don’t normally notice ads on people’s blogs–just come to comment and that’s it. That being said, if it is a new to me blogger who isn’t already in my google reader, the ads might be a little obtrusive? There’s one blog in my reader who has ads ON her feeds in Google Reader and it is the most annoying thing ever. If I didn’t love her to pieces, I’d probably unsubscribe.

I’ve seen how to do that, but I think that sounds very annoying – don’t worry – I won’t be doing that!

I don’t mind the ads. I don’t like them, but I can understand them. If I have plenty of time, I try to click on as many as I can while on the blogs that I read. Every little bit helps, right? Good luck with it.

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