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Weekly Geeks – An Interview with the Gruffalo

This weeks Weekly Geeks task is to interview our favourite character from a book.

There are lots of characters I’d like to interview, but it would give away too much of the plot to those people who haven’t read the book. So I decided on my favourite children’s character – The Gruffalo.


I love The Gruffalo, and the sequel The Gruffalo’s Child. If you haven’t read them, then you should really try to have a look at a copy (or buy one for any toddlers you have in the family). They are the cleverest picture books I have ever seen.

  • Are you really scared of the mouse?
    When I was younger I was really scared of the mouse, but now I’m older I realise how clever that little mouse is, and we just tell the story to our children so that they don’t wander off into the dangerous wood.
  • Do you have a favourite book?
    Gruffalo can’t read. We love telling stories to each other though. Our favourite stories are ones about our clever ancestors, and how we tricked other animals into getting what we want.
  • What is your favourite food?
    I’d love to say mouse ice cream, but really we just eat nuts and berries.
  • How many Gruffalo are there?
    I don’t know. There are lots of us, but we’re very hard to find, as we are very good at hiding.

    I think I’ll stop there! I feel really silly doing this – it was great to give it a try though. I look forward to seeing what all the other ‘weekly geekers’ have come up with!

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This was cute! I sure miss reading to my babies/toddlers/preschoolers. My last baby, (#4) is 13 years oldd and doesn’t appreciate picture books anymore.

Anyway, I am sick in bed with a stuffy head and was thinking I didn’t have it in me to be too creative with this and that maybe I would pass on this week’s fun, but maybe doing a favorite children’s book might be right up my alley!
Thanks for sharing…

Oh, we love the Gruffalo. Super idea to interview him, but I know how you feel. I think I’ll give this week a pass. Loved your interview, even though it was a short one.

What a fun interview. It didn’t seem silly at all. I am going to see if my four-year-old granddaughter is familiar with the Gruffalos. I’m always looking for good toddler books.

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