Victorian Challenge Complete!

The Victorian Challenge is being hosted by Alex, and it’s aim is to encourage people to read more books written during, or based in the Victorian Era.

I signed up to the Walk in Hyde Park level – 4 books, although I actually managed to read five books:  

1. Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte

Irritating characters, and a miserable plot – I don’t think I have ever read a book where there isn’t at least one tiny ray of light somewhere! It’s a classic though, so I’m glad I read it.

2. The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher – Kate Summerscale

The true story of the crime which inspired the first detective novel (The Moonstone– see below). Meticulously researched, and packed with interesting facts and observations about Victorian life. Highly recommended.

3. The Moonstone– Wilkie Collins

2003 Paperback

The first ever detective novel. Slow in places, but tightly plotted. Recommended.

4. Three Men in a Boat – Jerome K. Jerome

Slightly silly story about a journey up the  River Thames. Recommended to anyone who has a knowledge of the river.

5. The Seance– John Harwood

Mysterious Gothic Tale, packed with twists and turns. Recommended.



I have really enjoyed taking part in this challenge. All the books were worth reading, although I particularly recommend The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher.
This is the first challenge I have ever completed, so I’m pleased I enjoyed it so much. I look forward to taking part in it again next year.

7 replies on “Victorian Challenge Complete!”

Congratulations! I haven’t even come CLOSE to completing a challenge. What amazes me is that you sell books online for a living, you blog, and also raising a family. You are awesome!

I honestly do not know how you have time for all these challenges I really dont. Agreed on Summerscales book being absolutely fantastic and totally deserves all the praise its getting and copies its shifting!


I am very interested in reading the Suspicions of Mr. Wichler. I read Woman in White over Christmas break and loved it. Moonstone was tagged as my next read, but it sound like I would benefit reading Summerscale’s novel first.

Molly – I don’t think it matters which way round you read them, as long as you read them next to each other, although it might be slightly better to read The Moonstone first, as Mr. Whicher tells you some major plot points of The Moonstone, whereas you don’t kow which parts of The Moonstone are influenced by Mr. Whicher.

Simon – I’m sure you read more books than me – I just organise them into challenge lists!

Sandy – The truth is that I don’t do that much work! I look after my boys, and read when they are asleep/at nursery. I don’t watch much TV anymore. I do have days when I get away from it all – I’m off for a wedding today, so will have almost 48 hours without any reading/blogging – will I cope?!

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