Unlucky for some?

Today it’s Friday 13th. Some people are really scared of today. I find it quite strange; although my head tells me that it is all superstitious nonsense, there is a part of me touching a piece of wood – just in case!

I guess the reason I’m touching the wood is because my Grandma is incredibly superstitious. I have often fallen foul of superstitions that I didn’t even know existed. For example, a few years ago someone gave me a set of kitchen knives as a birthday present. My Grandma informed me that this was as good as a death threat! I had to calm the situation by giving my friend a silver coin, so that I was ‘paying’ for the present, and not accepting knives as gifts!

I try to avoid doing things like walking under ladders, but don’t worry if I end up doing so (I worry more about my Grandma finding out I did it!) Are you superstitious?  Do you avoid doing certain things, particularly on Friday 13th? I’d love to hear your stories!

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I’m not overly superstitious either, but as I was leaving the house today for an all-day field trip to Sea World, I was wondering if Emma or I were going to get thrown from a roller coaster or something!

Grandma’s! I was taking a baby goat to my neighbours farm to be cared for while my family went away for a weekend. I had an accident in the car (not too bad) but my grandma said it was because I was carrying the devil (in the form of a goat)….generally I’m not superstitious though.

You may not be aware, but I control the end of winter here in New England. The day after I put away my boots it always snows at least 4 inches! So my whole family is superstitious about my boots and they stay in the boot tray by the door year-round!

I’m not really superstitious – but there are some things I’m funny about.
I don’t like to – open umberellas up in the house, stir tea with a knife (you know – when you can’t find a spoon!), put shoes on a table, and there are probably more. All came from my Mum and are ingrained in me.
As for ladders though – I deliberately walk under them – a reversed superstition! ;0)

I love the touching of the wood thing. I was always taught to do that when you said something you didn’t want to happen like, “he is going to get in an accident one day.” Then, to make sure you didn’t curse the person, you’d touch or knock on wood.

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